Another Bash At A Pred Mask Sculpt.


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Ok so i thought it was time to have another go at this.  This bloody time its going to work lol.
i have learnt lots off the last fail that happened.
Also doing a few changes on this but sticking to the same design in places.
so here goes let the sculpting begin.


Great to see you throwing yourself back at this bud, hope everything goes well this time, correction, I know everything will go better this time. Looking good so far bud keep it up
The spikes seemed ok in the last mould it was the mouth and most of the scales that messed up for me but i will keep that in mind.  
Cheers all for the positive feedback.  Should have updates some time tomorrow as im going to have a good go at it in the morning.
Ok not alot of progress ppl im finding it hard to get sculpting on this.  This sculpt is also bigger then the last 1 so im going to do a silicone
then latex copies of it if and thats a BIG if the mould goes right for me this time if it doesnt then this will be seeing the sledge hammer lol.




Ok so i thought i would do a update here its been a wile now im just working on this like a hour at a time need more clay
so i can build the back out and the neck hope you like the update pics guys and gals





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