Anakin Starkiller V2 + V3 Builders kit Tutorial


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Oh man that doesn’t sound good... It sure isn’t fun.. I am kinda glad it is this and not kidney stones. My father has serious stone problems and a few days ago when I got that sharp little pain I thought “oh boy please don’t be a stone” that’s my biggest fear

I’ve slept all weekend now I’ll but up the next 3 days lol
I've never been crippled by back pain, but I've begged God to kill me when kidney stones hit. I hope you heal quickly! I've had a few friends who've had to have back surgery, & they've missed months of work. Listen to your uncle!!!

Just sit back & bask in the glory of your Obi-Wan Legend. It really is stunning.


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I’m walking! It’s a miracle! Yaaaaay!!! Now I’ll be up to me trouble making self! :p

Not pushing anything but big change today after my uncle worked on me. It’s unreal, so thankful for people with that kind of knowledge