AMT/ERTL Millennium Falcon cut-away startup


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Those screens look like the sediment screens for water faucets... oh, did I win anything! '^P

R/ Robert

Near hit. They're pipescreens for bongs ;-)
I past the local headshop and remembered those from way back in another lifetime... The owner is one of the regulars at the pokertable on sunday, so I got them for free :-D


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Bits & pieces

Started to glue some greeblies on.
Not going for film correct, just feel correct on it. not chiseling everything away just adding from here on.

gave it a V12 engine
gearbox greeblies.
IMG_3952.JPG IMG_3953.JPG

Also came across this wheatered trailer during on of my bikerides this week. couldn't resist to stop and take reference photo's. Might come in handy some day ;)

IMG_3945.JPG IMG_3946.JPG IMG_3947.JPG IMG_3948.JPG IMG_3949.JPG
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Hey guys,

it's been a while since I last worked on a model. But with the dark days I finally found the way back to the attic.

Started to sand the flaps on the the back of the bottom part of the falcon. The mold is kinda bad and rough on the inside. Filed some grooves that should be there.


The upper part is the real problem. This needs some serious putty or styreen to look better, because sanding alone isnt gonna be enough.
Anybody have tips or tricks on this part?

I've also been adding some details on the little triangles that should be there.


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Unit insignia of Lafayette Escadrille there; how random is that!

Welcome back, Knievel!
Regards, Robert

Thx Robert. Just looked up that escradille. Nicely spotted. Don't know how old this trailer is. It is standing in a field in Belgium. Could this thing be a 100 years old?


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For serious puttying I highly recommend Aves Apoxie Sculpt.

Thx! I went for the styreen solution already as you can see, but I will keep that in mind for some moments in the future.

While I was busy with the styreen I started panenling on the front landing gear thingies. Lot of work with all these notches to be cut out.

IMG_4646.JPG IMG_4649.JPG
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