also a Star Wars Exhibit in Paris


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it has opend already from 18th Oct, the info on the site is a bit vague

Star Wars L'expo

the press PDF has some more info, and looks like a bit the same as the
Art of Star Wars, that was on london some years ago, with some added
stuf from the new trilogy.



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Yaaay ....

So, what about photo opportunity ?.

EDIT : Just saw the pics Mirax H took, and that explains that there seems to be no problem with flashphotography :D
@Mirax : you could have at least mentioned that you are in the area of general Europe, so we could ahve held an Euro-Rpf meet and greet ;)


Star Wars Chick

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Yeah, the site is terrible. I honestly wasn't going to go until my friend Sebastien told me some of the costumes that were there so I went solely to photograph them. I honestly can't tell you all that was there as I did not look at everything, only the things I wanted to photograph. However, I was very pleased and surprised that Maul was there as well as Arena Jango. Needless to say, I took 580 pictures of Maul, Jango, Slave Leia, Vader, Stormtrooper and Boussh. Most of my pics are of Leia, Jango and Boussh. It was a nice exhibit. I do know they had Wookies, R2 and 3PO, Skiff Lando, an Imperial Officer, a battle Droid, Red Guard, Coruscant Guard, a few of the guys from Jabba's skiff, Yoda, a snowspeeder model, an AT-AT model, I believe one of Obi-Wans costumes and one of Anakins as well, a full sized Naboo fighter, a couple pod racer pods, and well, a ton of other stuff. It was definitely worth while. I only found out about it while walking around site seeing and saw a poster for the exhibit. I had an afternoon when we had nothing planned so I stole away to go check it out.

And darn it, that would have been fun MFN. I went with my bro so tried not to do stuff he wouldn't have wanted to do but that would have been great. Next time for sure :D


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Heh,I was there last week on vacation as well.

My wife took about 350 pictures of exhibit, mostly of the Padme's and Boushh.


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i was in paris at christmas but didnt know about the exhibit until we were on the metro on the way back to the airport.



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Here are some pics I have of the exhibit.

I'll be going there in April for work so I'll be taking hundreds of photos ;) .

Thanks WC for hosting.















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Those pics are great :thumbsup

got any more ?? :love :love

I hope also to visit it later this year, as far as I know it should
be there untill October



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That Han in Carbonite always makes me drool. If anyone can get deatiled pics of all the side panels, that'd be great. I know there have been some taken in the past (myself included) but they are mostly of poor quality. Some very hi-rez ones would be incredible.

Thanks, if you can. :thumbsup


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Originally posted by HDPE STORMY@Feb 20 2006, 01:43 PM to see some more shots of the Vader....

As you wish ;)



Thanks buddy. :thumbsup ....nice to see that they have the belt boxes upside down..... :p

....actually, the whole belt needs to be flipped.
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