66 Miata Batmobile Build

Here's a different view that better shows how long the front fenders are. It makes for a sort of crazy profile but it's more striking from the front angles and makes for a greater impact.
The progression of your build is so awesome. I keep coming back for more. I can't remember if you mentioned this earlier, but exactly how legal is this car?
Thanks Bullitt.
As of now it's 'pretty much legal', except for a few points:

I'm not displaying a front plate, which I'm supposed to in Texas.
The Bat-eyes are a tad greenish, which I plan to fix at some point.
I currently don't have back-up lights, which I also plan to fix.

We'll see come August when inspection is due.

That said, this is my only car and I drive it as-is every day.
Waiting on some special sized rivets to come in the mail. Waiting for rivets is the worst!

Well, I finished shortening both fender frames. Then I finished the leading edge pieces.


Today I made paper skin patterns for the driver's side fender:


Super Rocketey!
Man, it sucks that you're so sensitive to fiberglass and resins. The way you're going about this is SO much more work than sculpting the shape and making a fiberglass mold.
I'm not sure how I am only now discovering this, but I cannot coherently express my joy for this project through text. Subscribed, this is amazing.
It is indeed sad, Ronin.

On the other hand, I've never seen a custom car done this way (for good reason no doubt) and I personally love the look of rivets.

Thanks Vox - hope you like how the project progresses.

Today I did a lot of work on the fender attachment points and front cross braces.

Here are the revised front fenders mounted to the car:


Thanks !

I was playing with the fenders and found that the whole front comes together with the tops of each fender 1" wider and 1/2" lower.

So I've spent two full days fabricating new deluxe top mounting brackets. Still not done.

Meanwhile, the longed for rivets came in the mail and they were not the advertised size.
Got the correct rivets in the mail today! Skinny 3/32" aluminum pop rivets with a deep 3/8" grip range. Hard to find!

Today I finished the new brackets.

The old brackets showing the difference in mounting position:


(Which also shows the plywood bridge pieces I worked up.)

The new brackets:

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Nut plates are installed. Extra bracing done. Front bridge pieces done.
All these details take soooooo much work!

But, the fenders are ready for skin.


I totally want to come see that thing in person. Its coming along great. You're still in Austin, right?

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The first two skin plates on the fenders are done. They were very tricky to mount.


The doors flare out further than the front fenders. I realized this a while ago and decided to forge ahead with the fenders as designed, and if it looked goofy then I'd address it with some kind of scoop / vent intake port kind of thing. Or maybe a side marker light that covers the gap.

For now it's on to the next skin plates.
Batman MCMLXXXIX poster!

Happy 25th Anniversary to Batman 89!


I designed this special new screen print movie poster for the ocassion, and I'm going to try and print it today from start to finish.

I'll be updating on my tumblr as it comes along:

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