BATMAN Multi- Verse Multi-Scale Collection

Is it Red or Orange

I just ordered a NewRay Agusta F4 cycle in 1:12 scale for my Dark Knight Dio

I saw the pictures and thought it was burnt orange but in the movie it looks red

Am I wrong?

Dark Knight MV Agusta F4 1078 000.jpg

Did you watch video of the movie clip?
I did. I think the color timing is making it look more reddish than it is. Notice when Bruce first exits the container and the sunlight hits the bike, it appears more on the orange side (though subtle). Also, as he's racing down the street, look at the bike fender compared to the brake lights on that VW Bug. Then notice again compared to the stop sign a few seconds later. In both intstances it looks more orange in comparison (though again, only a very subtle difference).

It's a very reddish orange, no doubt. I may be wrong but I do think it's a shade of orange and not red.

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