66 Miata Batmobile Build

Woo hoo!




I've been watching this thread since the beginning pretty much, awesome job! I dig your version, and it's cool to see the head on the front again. Also great that's actually done in metal! The print looks sweet too. Then I noticed your signature on it... I had no idea you were the same guy that did "Summer of '89"! I still have your version stuck in my head a lot more than the original, and even want to sing your lyrics whenever the original comes on, lol.

Keep up the great work!
Quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen. And the light-up EYES! So awesome. Way to go, that is a thing of beauty.
I have a Batmobile!

That's some high praise, Vox - thanks!

For the past month or so I've been pushing hard on the front fenders to try and get them done in time for the Paramount Theater's special 25th Anniversary screening of Batman 1989. It seemed like a do-able landmark goal.

And I accomplished it! The fenders are mounted solid and the front plates are all tack riveted in place. They still need a lot more rivets and a few finish details, but . . . .

I feel like now is the moment I can say that I finally own a Batmobile! From head to toe, the big picture items are all in place and represented.
For me that's a big deal, a real success, and a great weight off my shoulders. From here on out, the focus with this project switches from struggling to create a Batmobile to improving the Batmobile I created.

Last night was tons of fun.
The theater asked me to park right out front and leave it there for the full Batman / Superman double feature. VIP parking! They also gave me free drink and popcorn tickets and featured my new 89 screen print poster in the lobby.

It was great to come out of the theater and have a crowd around the car. When the crowd was gone, it was even better to get in, start it up and drive off into the night.

There was a bit of crime fighting that happened on the way home.
A pair of high heeled drunk 6th street girls (God bless them) thought it was okay to step out in front of approaching traffic. I blasted the air horn and gunned for them a little bit - I have never seen drunk girls run so fast. And in five inch heels! I felt a little guilty, but perhaps the fear of the Batmobile will keep them safe in the future. :)
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