66 Miata Batmobile Build

Just finished reading through this whole build and I have to say, I am floored by not only your ingenuity but your persistance. I love it, it is an amazing build and I thank you for sharing it! Looking forward to seeing more!
More Bat-head, eyes.

Thanks so much Lost Hours! More to come for sure.

I have a whole lot more of the head done. The top and side skin is done. I also made a 'prototype' set of ears out of scrap Lexan.

Right now I'm working on figuring out the eyes and front skin.

I keep coming back to the slit eye design, because:

1. It looks tough.
2. It looks modern.
3. It's simple.
3. It brings something new to the Bat-headed Batmobile idea.

As-is and today's Photoshop mockup:

Made a lot of progress on the head.

Eyebrow plates:

Face plates:

At this point I decided that the bottom of the head was too wide - it had a bit of a flared square jaw look.

So I performed jigsaw surgery to narrow the jaw by 1.5 inches:


I made some mending plates out of aluminum bar and bolted the bottom panel back together. This also gave me the opportunity to make both sides symmetrical again.






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I'm only hoping that by Wolfmobile you mean the one from Teen Wolf. Because I'd make that.

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Bat-head day!


Now I just have to get used to the two giant Bat Ears in my field of vision. No wonder they don't make naked girl hood ornaments any more!

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Fender designs.

I drove around with the head on yesterday. It's really solid! And the car is definitely on the next level of crazy now.

The head face is more rounded, more conical than I'd predicted. This is because there are three straight sides and one near straight side to the face plane. So the metal bends in a cone shape towards the lower front point, since the lower edge can't curve because of the bend there. I could snip the metal that's bent under every 1/2" which would allow that metal to buldge/curve out a bit, which would look a bit more like I'd planned. For now I'll leave it how it is.

I wanted to do a front fender mockup based on how the head turned out, with fenders that come forward as far as the head. Also, now that the car is de-fendered, I'm thinking about leaving the coves behind the front wheels open, maybe bolting on some random jet-engine business later.

Another day, another Photoshop mockup:


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That looks great man. Are you likely to get any grief from the authorities about having pointy bits on the front of your car?
I don't know if there are any 'pointy laws' or not. Probably I'm simply liable for anything I pierce, crush or run over.

I feel like between all the work I've put into it and the liability factor I'm going to drive more carefully than ever.

Inspection might be interesting come July.

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Front Mockup Gallery

I'm working out the front fenders right now. I made 10 aluminum mounting brackets and have the inner shape cut out of Polygal.

I have a lot of mockups at this point. I went back and collected all the mockups I've done in the last few months, trying to get my head around exactly how I want to shape these front fenders.

The first mockup. I ended up making the head a lot taller than this:
Mockup of the head with skinny snub-nosed fenders:
A side view mockup with crescent shaped fenders that would match the back:

A front view with 'paddle-topped' fenders.
3/4 view with skinny swoop fenders in three variations:
A rendering with the finished head of even swoopier skinny-swoop fenders with open coves behind the front wheels:

Yesterday's mockup over the actual pattern pieces I've made:

Trimmed mockup variations:
How the earlier snub-nosed design would be shaped, more or less:
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