5 Foot Millennium Falcon markings survey


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Started a second Decal ID Challenge thread in Studio Scale, found HERE. This is in hope of sorting out Item #35 from the Tracker.
Regards, Robert

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Item #35 was resolved! It is apparently a portion of a license plate, red characters on a white background from a AMT 1/43 scale tractor-trailer trailer kit (External Post Van). Thanks to the guys that helped resolve this, details in the Challenge thread.

Regards, Robert
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Minor Update: Tracker Item #103, the red-black-red stripe applied to the aft underside of the engine 'deck', is most likely a strip cut from the 'Interstate Trucking' logo (which one of the two sized logos is yet to be determined.) I was searching for it as a stripe, but the ILM shop modelers' propensity for extracting strips from larger decals is well known and as I was having no luck, I started simply looking at *anything* that had red-black-red composition. Viola!

Don't know why it didn't occur to me earlier...

Regards, Robert
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