40K Ork Warboss,,,,


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I hope you’re better now. Hospital stays are never any fun.

Your work is simply amazing, both in the build and the painting. I can’t wait to see the next instalment (when your ready) of this fantastic outfit.

one question on the boots. Are your feet centrally placed in the boot, or did you have to offset them to allow for their size when walking?
You are quite correct, the shoes i have bonded inside the boots are off set a little towards the inside.... It will also be the same with the upper body for the arms when i get around to doing that.... so my arms will side towards the inside of the ork in a vain attempt to make it a little more usable >D

There have been a few trips into the dreaded hospital since i last posted a couple of surgeries but hopefully now after 9 years of dealing with such things it should be behind me.... To be fair there was no dread involved all the people I have net in that time have been amazing in the various hospitals.... but anyway

Back to the war boss.... There has been very little movement on this in a while.... I will be looking to finish all the little bits on the belt today/tomorrow..... I would also like to get the gun finished, which is just paint, and Stikkbombz too again this is just paint mostly.... I will be making some extra chain length so they can be attached to the rear of right hand side of the belt to make the rear of the suit a little more interesting....

So in short the build is indeed far from dead but I do wish to get one with is as i have two builds I I'm Itching to get on with!...

This is currently how the big foam lummox stands....



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I was just looking at this thread yesterday and wondering if/what was happening.

Good to hear things are on the up for you, and it's really awesome to see all the currently made pieces together like that. You really have done a great job of it mate.

Keep it up and have a good one.


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2 more builds?! It really is true what they say ... you can’t keep a good man down.
Your build looks even more impressive when put together like that.

I was wondering what sort of adhesives you’ve been using on the foam? I know our Colonial Cousins swear by Barge Cement but I’ve yet to find a similar product in the U.K.
Contact adhesive and rubber cement just aren’t the same as contact cement.
So time for a test as the bottom half is nearing completion.... I've used my tiny grot assistant here as a guide for the sizing.... there is still a lot too do to get the bottom fully finished but we're getting there....

Me vs Grot:


Now i couldn't hold the phone, the Power Klaw and the fist so this is just the Klaw....


Pretty sure this speaks for itself.... still needs a lot more in the paint department to get this finished....


Bottom half on.... so this is muscle suite under the trousers, boots, belt and grenades too....



Then just one last one with the fist and shoota....


Really desperate to get over the hurdle of getting the these bits all done and on to the upper body....


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