3D printed "DREDD" movie style badge


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Dredd Badge Painted.jpgDredd badge render.jpg

Hey guys. Trying my hand at something small as I ease myself into this 3D printing malarky.

On the pale background is the model I made from references I found on Google, the one on the dark background is the finished article.

Took around 5 hours to print.

Also if anyone can advise, the sirface naturally prints with a texture which I have smoothed out for the raised parts but the deeper surfaces are difficult to sand. I have a dremel but all the sanding tools won't do the job in a confined area like that.


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You could try XTC-3D from Smoothon. It's a 2 part epoxy that you can paint onto the model to fill in the print lines.


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Yes XTC would be great for this project. You can even add metal powder to it then buff it with steel wool to make your bage look metal. The most important thing is to apply it in very thin/light coats to keep your detail. If you do that you will have an amazing piece in the end.