judge dredd

  1. NuadaDesigns

    DREDD 2012 Lawgiver-Airsoft conversion kit

    I had a g18 gas blow back airsoft pistol sitting around so decided to build a lawgiver kit for it. My main goal was not doing and modifications to the original pistol, and basically just make a shroud that screws on, yet still functions as an airsoft pistol. It's a glock 18 so it's slightly...
  2. onderon

    The Andrew (Andy) G. Vajna collection auction

    Hi Everyone! I'm not sure many of you know that Andrew G. Vajna passed away this year. He was the producer for many classic movies like Rambo I-II-III, Die Hard, Judge Dredd among a few. His widow has organized an auction of Andy's personal memorabilia. Part of the income will go as a charity...
  3. FreddySchramm

    Judge Dangle costume

    I'm best known for my Slave George Lucas and Emperor Mickey Mashup, and my Freddy Mercery Kruger, so I really needed to up my mashup game for SVCC. So I give you Judge Dangle.... Keep on new Boot Goofin. .
  4. NuadaDesigns

    Ricos Puzzle Gun (Judge Dredd 1995)

    Well after years of different iterations, and attempts, ranging from air drying clay to styrene, I'm finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Some of my favourite movie guns, have been transforming or assembled pistols, like Scaramangas Golden Gun or Learys Composite Pistol. Ricos Puzzle...
  5. NorthmanProps

    Dredd Lawgiver Completed Northman Props

    Dredd Lawgiver by Northman Props. I would love to hear some feedback. I just recently got back into Prop building after some time in the Service. Thank you for the feedback! The Northman Northman Props
  6. BlindSquirrel

    Brian Bolland 1:1 Judge Death Helmet and bust

    Hey everyone, About a year ago, I built a Judge Death helmet with the intent of doing a full bust to display it. Long story short, I finally finished him! The bust is 3D printed and connected to the base with a 1" aluminum tube. The base is also 3D printed but filled with plaster to add some...
  7. rubinekso

    Looking for COMIC Style DREDD costuming resources.

    Hello.... My wife and I are looking to build/buy (or a combination of both) a comic style DREDD and ANDERSON costumes, but the resources seem limited out there. Planet Replicas doesn't seem to have much available, except for badges and Lawgivers.... We are looking for anything that will...
  8. F

    Dredd 3D Helmet Build

    I started building this Dredd helmet about 6 months ago, it was a project I kept coming back to. Started as a pepakura build from card stock, I then epoxied the card and fibre glassed the inside. Above it after the initial application of U-pol car body filler and sanding. I then sprayed...
  9. LeClubNerd

    Helmet, Badge and Gun

    Heya, i'm normally in the main section but Judge Dredd has been my favourite comic book character by far since '77 :) so I think I've been working towards this helmet my entire life. Unfortunately, between my Boba Fett and Reinhardt builds I got a 3D printer so now making what should be my...
  10. C

    Making Of Judge Dredd Book

    So the other day I went to a military surplus store that happened to have a few books for sale and I picked up a Making-Of book for the Stallone Dredd movie if anyone is perhaps interested in getting pictures from it and such. It's not too in depth I'm afraid but I imagine it could be helpful to...
  11. Ibnzbass4

    Comic-style Dredd

    Well, it's been a while since I've built anything as I spend most of my time doing stuff with the 501st as a TK. But after a recent major health issue, I feel invigorated to get back to a project I meant to start many moons ago. So I'm looking to build a comic-style Judge Dredd. This won't be...
  12. kedg195

    95 Homemade Judge Dredd costume ;)

    Greetings citizens, I thought with this costume being in existence for a couple of years now that it was time to add a thread about it on the RPF. This is my Judge Dredd Stallone 95 costume. It has been upgraded for the last couple of months and I'm still working on it here and there...
  13. F

    Dredd 3D lawgiver kit :HELP

    Hi all im new to RPF and am exited to get started building and showing things i have in my head. first and foremost i want to get some form of lawgiver resin kitt, ive seen a few online but my problem is that their either too expensive, sold out or painted. im big into my warhammer and if any...
  14. H

    WIP - Judge Dredd 2012 Helmet

    Recently I've gotten the chance to watch Dredd (2012) and loved his costume, specifically his helmet. I'll be sculpting with Monster Clay and medium NSP clays, I'd like to get as screen accurate as possible so advice and critiques are encouraged. Never sculpted a full helmet before, everything...
  15. MegaLEGOFilms

    Budget Lawgiver Build

    Hey Guys, so I'm making a display for all of my prop helmets that will have the helmet and a cool prop from the character. Since one of the helmets is going to be a Dredd 2012 helmet, I figured the lawgiver would be a good prop to go alongside it. To start I picked up a $4 toy glock from...
  16. Atomic Ladies

    Judge Death full build WIP

    First I'd like to say this is a great sub thread, its great to see so many talented and dedicated Judge Dredd and 2000AD fans. I've learned a lot and been quite inspired. I'm currently making a full Judge Death costume, the Dark Judges have long been a favorite and I thought Death would be a fun...
  17. Flyscriber

    Lawgiver 2 day build in metal

    Dredd, my main man was calling one day, as I've known him since 1977, (well in my twisted mind it feels like that), and he told me to make a lawgiver ish gun. I only had 2 days to play, I really wanted to make the gun from Dredd 3d, but thought I wouldn't be able to do it justice in 2 days, so I...
  18. dmpsk8

    ABC Warrior bust - vinyl kit

    This is just a vinyl kit, but I wanted to share it. I got this as an early Christmas present for myself, and its finally finished up. I believe this version is from Asia, but the kit was originally made by Horizon right? I opted to build it out as a bust, rather than a full figure. Added a...
  19. TeenageVorta

    Pep Dredd Helmet & Costume

    Hey friends, I'm finally starting to work on a Judge costume and I started my first pepakura helmet this week! I've been planning on doing this costume forever so I'm really excited to start building stuff for it! Blaxsmyth was kind enough to share his pep file with me and after a good six...
  20. Manukaman

    Judge Dredd Stub Gun Build 2015

    The artwork in 2000ad by Mr Carlos Ezquerra has been very inspiring to me since I was a teenager. I love Dredd and wanted to create the famous Stub Gun from the Apocalypse War storyline.
  21. TyrellOCP

    Dredd 2012 style Brit-Cit helmet (pepakura build)

    Been working on building a Dredd helmet for over a year and want to finish it so I can wear it to a few conventions this year. Before I can, there are the last few fiddly bits that are holding me back, so I would like to draw upon the collective knowledge of the RPF and ask a few.... BUILD...
  22. D

    3D printed "DREDD" movie style badge

    Hey guys. Trying my hand at something small as I ease myself into this 3D printing malarky. On the pale background is the model I made from references I found on Google, the one on the dark background is the finished article. Took around 5 hours to print. Also if anyone can advise, the...
  23. B

    Dredd 3D Helmet WIP

    So, I've officially taken the first step into the financial commitment of putting together a Judge costume from Dredd 3D. I got my helmet in the mail yesterday and spent most of the day working on it. The helmet is from the WCA (Watch City Armory) mold, which is now in the hands of Drew over...
  24. S

    Dredd helmet Bolland style

    Hi, I'm very new to this and was inspired by the number of cool costumes I saw at a comic con recently. I only discovered pepakura recently and so I've decided to give it a try. I've always wanted a Dredd helmet, but I prefer the Bolland version to the film versions. I couldn't find any pdo for...
  25. TeenageVorta

    Judge Dredd Armor

    I'm starting to lay out my plans for my Judge Anderson costume (comics ver.) and had a few questions about the armor. 1: I've been fiddling around with craft foam for the eagle shoulder piece, but is there a better material out there? I worry about sacrificing too much mobility if the...