2006 Festival of Visual Effects


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I am posting this for my friend GK who is one of the coordinators for this event:

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The 2006 Festival of Visual Effects will be held later this week (July 6-8) at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. This event is put on by the Visual Effects Society, an organization made up of the various artists, supervisors, producers, makeup people, miniature builders -- all the people who are involved with Visual Effects.

The three day event will feature discussion panels on:
  • New Technologies.
  • Work that is being done abroad for foreign markets (that we don't really get to see).
  • Current movies (including "Superman Returns", "Poseidon", "Smallville", "X-Men3", "DaVinci Code", "Cars" (and more).
  • A really neat panel on Animation - both stop motion and CG. Dennis Muren and Randy Cook will be speaking at this one and the Chiodo Bros. will be doing a live stop motion demo during the panel.
  • A special 20th anniversary salute to "Aliens" featuring Supervisors Robert and Dennis Skotak, miniature supervisor Pat McClung, creature guys John Rosengrant and Alec Gillis. We've got a ton of photos and clips to look at, plus a lobby filled with photos, artwork, and a couple of surprises.
More information can be found on the Visual Effects Society's website: http://www.visualeffectssociety.com/

And, to whet you appetite a bit for the "Aliens" fans - attached are a couple photos that we managed to dig up - enjoy.[/b]
Please do not write or PM me for pics or info as I do not have anything other than what I am posting here on his behalf. These were all supplied by him. More info will be posted on my site shortly:



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Sounds great.

I would love to see the Chiodo bros. and the "Aliens" Panels.


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Arrg.. To be back on the west coast to visit the Egyptian theater again would be great.. The Egyptian is one of the best looking theaters I've ever visited, and I can only imagine what it looks like now after the supposed restoration I heard about a few years back....

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I'd love to be there but I won't be able to make it. If the panel is transcribed I'd really like to read what was said. I'm guessing it wil be filmed too so keep us posted on that too. :)



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Yes, is there going to b a DVd of the event to purchase. Also is there a reel(s) of the FX that will be shown that is also for sale? I'm in Wisconin and can't make it there and would love to get some of the stuff to see. I'm a big FX fan. I have every single issue of CINEFEX magazine.

If anyone going could see if they could get any info on the UFO FX for the old THE INVADERS show and get back to me, I'd be forever in your debt.