F-19X from Deal of the Century (Greg Jein Auction lot)


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At the Greg Jein Auction, I manged to successfully win and acquire lot #89512 which contained six models (two missiles and four jet models). These were from the 1983 movie "Deal of the Century" starring Chevy Chase, Sigourney Weaver and Gregory Hines. In the movie, Hines's character steals the F-19X from a major international arms show and threatens to blow it up unless everyone joins hands in a moment of prayer. Aerospace company Luckup (rhymes with...) launches their trouble plagued Peacekeeper UAV in an attempt to shoot him down resulting in much carnage.

The F-19X is heavily based on the MiG-31 Firefox design from the Clint Eastwood movie of 1982. In fact the full size Firefox set piece was turned into the F-19X and parts of it were used to make the Peacemaker drone. Greg Jein designed the Firefox and that design was modified by Apogee slightly to be more aerodynamic so they could make a pair of RC models to use in takeoff and landing sequences. I don't know what Greg's involvement was with "Deal..." given he isn't credited for it. The effects for the movie are credited to Dream Quest Images, which is interesting given that the work on Firefox was done by Apogee and both movies had similar challenges shooting models against blue sky and clouds (a more difficult background than black space).

Winning this auction lot I credit to sheer luck. I had wanted a replica of the F-19X for years, but this doesn't command the lore that the Firefox does. I gambled that this movie wasn't going to garner the same auction interest that the Trek, SW and V models would and I was proven right when my bid was good enough to get it. Heritage did a meticulous job packing my winnings and I got them last weekend thanks to Fed Ex Ground.

Contained within the huge box were two smaller ones. Included were two pre-production maquette models. One measured about 18" long and another about 7". Two finished models used on production were also provided. The biggest is 19" long and appears to be one of the studio models used for the aerial sequences. It is a bit odd given it seems to have no animation rod frame built into it. But it is hollow fiberglass based resin of some weight and very good detail. I suspect at least one bigger model was built, especially for a sequence where the camera gets tight on the cockpit from overhead, then pulls away in a turn as it switches to a model shot where miniature pilot figure turns its head to the side as the camera moves away. The jet then continues to fly away from the camera in a turn until it becomes almost a dot. A very small, fully painted model of about 1/144 scale is also provided, missing it's canopy. It seems to small for effects shots, but I suspect it was used for a very couple far distance shots.

In any event, here are pictures of the models. First is the 18" maquette, then the 19" studio model. Enjoy!

Big Maquette (feels like it is made out of a light weight foam based resin. Light yet durable.

19" studio model


The figure in the cockpit is very well painted, down to the long sleeve underwear shirt Gregory Hines wore under his flight suit.


The Bottom of the model

More Photos of the 19" F-19X


The intakes are not perfectly flat. They have some louver details in there, but it is very tough to make out since they are painted black.


The tiny (about 1/144 scale) studio model measuring around 4" long


The small model lacks the empty wing pylons of the 19" but it still mounts the fuselage sparrows (one of which is missing). Now it appears a drop tank pylon might have been fitted as the spot for it is primer colored. But there is no glue residue there. No canopy is present, so I will need to fabricate something eventually.
That's amazing. I always loved the movie and thought that design was very well done.
As for then detailing on the pilot, I always was confused how Greg Hines character walks around with what I recall as a HGU 33 series helmet (like the ones in the original Top gun) but the model shows what appears to be a HGU 20 full face shield Navy helmet, like the pre-Challenger shuttle crews wore and Eadtwood had in "Firefox".
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