2001 landing bay 1:72 scale WIP


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I'm embarking on a big project (years in the making/planning) and since I'm not young and see the years go by, I've decided to, finally, tackle the beast.

I'm aiming to re-do the landing bay set seen in the movie and the one I did in the Studio Scale a year ago...but for quite a few mods + similarities (don't have a very sharp, detailed pic of that set) and artistic liberties; hence the General Modeling thread since the inside of the Space Station plug was different from the big set. A video of said landing made from practical effects will be shot (no CGI, no blue/green screens, no post and no mattes):eek:

As many of you know; it's going to be a layered cake: first the camera (Apple), then the landing bay set, followed by the Orion and a round starry background that'll turn counter clockwise. Since the shot will be "fixed" onto the static landing bay model, the starry background will be turning. A single light will be affixed to the rim to simulate the sunlight and showing the sides of the Orion model being lit in a revolving motion (Fun:p).

First thing first: this set will be in the same scale as the Moebius Orion 1:72 scale that I've built several weeks ago (see pic).
Second: Many drawings/pics/composites showed the Orion inside the bay. I'm pretty sure that those were done to be filmed (as the Aries-1B trench set was filmed) showing the shuttle entering the bay. These, and this is sheer conjecture from my part, were part of the footage Kubrick excised from the final version.
Why build this set when a picture of the Orion, during construction, showed clearly an horizontal rod going the length of the body (2001: The Lost Science. Adam K. Johnson author. Page 88, upper left hand side pic). To show that "landing" didn't advance anything in the story...
I'm sure that the rod was also made to photograph the model...

For the measurements of the opening (threshold) I'll use the film poster, and also that last pic showing the Orion entering the bay.


This one is also pretty close:



That pic is showing the length and opening size. Not a lot of ceiling to floor space as you can see. Aries-1B was supposed to be able to get in also...but very
I'll recreate the crew pits (one on the floor, on the ceiling and the two on each side of the walls. I'll use 1:72 figures; from tank crew and others. The ceiling pit will be lit but not crewed.

Next, after that build, I'll have to set-up a starry background and put the Orion model on a rod to photograph, or film its entrance into the bay model.
If someone has some info on how to post a video on an user friendly platform, I'll be eternally grateful.:)
Pics of the construction to follow.


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You can edit the title if you go to your first post at the top of the thread and hit the "Edit" option down on the left, then in the "Title" box you can update the title
There's that fan-built one that constantly comes up, mislabelled as a 2001 behind-the-scenes photo. :) The docking bay with the disposable razor blades glued to the walls.
Wow this is sure going to be pretty epic as far as a build. Looking forward to it based on your other 2001 work

1/72 scale has always been my go to scale and I am hoping to pick up Moebus Orion to sit along side my 1/72 Space Shuttle
Is you click on the 3 dots to the right of the drop image icon, there will be a drop down menu with a drop video option. I think it will except Mp4s, but haven't actually tried other formats. If you post the video on another site, you can you the link option to post it. Hope that helps. It's easier to do than explain, lol.


P.S. I might have misunderstood what you were asking, happens to me often,
; )
Well, after real life stuff and such; back to the project. The floor is done and painted grey. I'll spray a coat of white and then gets all of the details with a wear and tear wash. I'll add the light covers over the trenches and the black panels at the end.
Since the floor was the most detailed, the sides should be a little faster. Stay tuned.


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Thanks guys. I've done what I could with the amount of "details" seen in the screen cap.;)
Here's the complete floor with the black panels in place + the pit & crew (1:72 scale). I've opted for a blue light to minimize the fact that the figures are going to be static. The shot emphasizes the arrival of the shuttle Orion in the landing bay; not the pit & crew:)
The light trenches are open for the moment; these will be covered with a translucent plastic + lighting.

Btw: my phone does a strange thing with its lens; it makes the trapezoidal entrance look like a rectangle:oops::unsure: I can assure you that it's, indeed, a trapeze:p


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