ZF1 with Functional Airsoft, Rocket & articulation


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"I'M SCREWED!" Zorg said it, but I thought it more than once while creating the functions I saw happen on the screen. It all started as many innocent projects do after completing the static replica ZF.1 last year - "...I'm sure there's no chance but I'd kick myself if I didn't ask - Any interest in building (and selling) another one?" Being the arrogant artist that I can be, I promptly placed the request in a holding pattern over Anchorage, Alaska (Hey! I was burnt-out - that first one nearly killed me!). In three months I attempted another static 'Fhloston Paradise' model to fulfill the request, but felt it could be better and - instead of selling - took it to Dragon Con and lost ten pounds in three days perspiring under that plastic dome that Zorg wears. Halloween's costume season came & went, I forgot how crazy taking on a ZF.1 build can get and Randy Petersen's persistence was not to be denied any longer.

So, the questions went out, "What model do you want?"
The 'Demo' model
"Here's a list of additional functions, would you like any of these options?"
All of them
"Here's what it's going to cost (not cheap), here's how much time it's going to take (long time) and here's what to expect - any questions?"
Where do I send the deposit?

This was the first time I thought, "I'm Screwed - he really wants ALL the options!"

This replica of the ZF.1 (Demonstration model for the Mangalors) is the perfect example of the saying, "What looks good on paper doesn't always work in practice". Everything I designed as a moving part on this gun had to be reengineered just to FIT in the space provided. Also, Added to the equation were the obstacles... er, I mean requests of 'needs to be durable', 'needs to be serviceable for maintenance' and 'needs to eliminate that gawd-awful AK 'banana' clip feeding the gun' (had to agree with Randy on this one - a futuristic weapon like this would not have that showing)

The build was kept secret (for the most part) by request and, although it went over it's deadline by more than a month due to an electronics glitch, I feel the end result was well worth the frustration. Randy Petersen is one of the best clients I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with and special thanks go out to Zombie Killer & everyone who has posted information to his thread pertaining to building a ZF.1 - without which this build would not be as accurate as it is. Also, props go out to Atlanta airsoft - supplier and consultants for the AK74 components; Droidboy - provider of a movie accurate grip that could be modeled for this application and Paul - fiberglass extraordinaire.

Photography by Sean McCarthy, Twisted River Productions - all rights reserved - so give credit where credit is due when you rip these to your friends - he's got an ego to feed like the rest of us!







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Good gods man, that's fantastic! Is that movie scale because it looks like it would weigh a ton!
I bow to your amazing skill!
Good gods man, that's fantastic! Is that movie scale because it looks like it would weigh a ton!

As close to scale as I could be, but I'm cross-eyed so I make no claims to accuracy. The prop weighs in at just under 15lbs (if my scale is not off) - comparable weight of a fully loaded Thompson 1927a1.
I think we all at the RPF just pooped ourselves. that thing really works? wow, my brain seriously hurts at how awesome that is. very very very great build!
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