Zelda Explained via BTTF

There are so many theories as to the zelda timelines that I don't even think Nintendo knows what's going on. Personally I don't think half of them are in the same universe as the first 3.
Re: Back to the Future + Legend of Zleda

I guess that I am not as big of a geek to know WHAT THE F THAT VIDEO MEANT!!!!!!! It was all "Jibber Jabber Link and then Time Continueum Blab"
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Re: Back to the Future + Legend of Zleda

Glad you dug it, Paul!

I played Doc Brown in this video.
Here's a pic of me on set:


Our writer/director also just posted a behind the scenes video: YouTube - ‪"Link to the Future" - Behind the Scenes‬‏
Dude, that was you!!! Ha! Makes me love it even more. My son being a huge Link and Bttf fan watched it 6 times before he went to bed, already sending the link - pun intended - to all his buddies. I really like the little thing you did where when Link grabbed the sword the triforce on his hand lit up. Really really fun stuff. Good job Nick - and here i was wondering if the guy playing Doc got his shirt from the RPF run - now i know
Re: Back to the Future + Legend of Zleda

Damn, that was hilarious and really puts the games into perspective.

Great job as Doc Brown too!
Re: Back to the Future + Legend of Zleda

Ahhhh - that explains the Institute lab coat too. I always wanted one of those 6 passenger Delorean posters seen while you're waiting online.
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