Zbrush Preadator Journey.


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So guys i got Zbrush to work on my computer and i started to play around with it then decided to make my predator heres what i got so far. 2 Hours of work.

Oh yeah any advice feel free to commet


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You should make the mandibles out of seperate geometry as there is quite a bit of stretching where there are not enough polygons. Looks good so far though.
Great to see you got it up and running and it's looking good so far! May I suggest you begin your base mesh with zspheres, it would be alot easier to pull out the mandibles that way and you'll have more resolution there. I have here a suggestion/example. Hope this helps!
Another 1 hour of work and alot has done i need to know how to make teeth and dreads and wrinkles.


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Well I never start a project straight from Zbrush, I always make low poly models in Maya then export them to zbrush for detailing. So if you have another 3D program you could very easily make a dread shape and export it.
Updated Head done! paint done! ;) and now i still need to know how to make dreads and teeth from just zbrush Got to do the bio now!


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