This is my 1st drawing with zbrush. Hope you like and I hope I get better! LOL

Isn't it amazing what a person can do with a computer these days?

I remember black screens with green type and not much else back in the mid-80's!!!! And the school administrative office that I worked at had comupters with tape rolls and punch cards!!!!

BTW, did I mention that we had to walk 5 miles through the snow barefoot just to use those computers? And they were candle-powered.

Z Predator iz z ballz monzier Andrewz!
O.K., I'll stop with the Z crap. For someone who just started playing with Z Brush over the weekend, that's quite an achievement! I've got to try it. Form Z is such a restrictive 3D program.
p.s. Hey, can you get him to gak up some flourescent green puke like in the movie?
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