Yet another Rubies Vader Mod (ANH/R1) WIP

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Hello there!

I'm new into this forum and into modifications of such helmets, never done anything before.
Firstly I'd like to apologise if this is has been answered, but from the multiple threads here and over at the RPF forums. It appears I'm missing two very important details during my own progress.

Now with all that said, let me also add, I'm not that much about proper details or movie accuracy also not willing to join any of the 501st due to lack of time in other projects I'm working on, but rather searching for satisfying good looking updated Rubies Vader
My goal is to achieve either more of ANH look or even Rogue One, as far as I understand the R1 was using either fan made helmet props or made their own but certainly isn't quite like ANH prop.

Onto the helmet issues I'm currently facing. As most of you know the angle of the helmet mount must be changed in order to have better dome position. From all topics related I understand that the male mount on the helmet should be bent down or pushed backwards? However as my helmet won't be only on display, but used from time to time how does one attach best the dome, do you still use the original two vekcros or there's something more to it. I tried with EVA foam to adjust the first time my positioning, but feels strange when I remove the dome. Any help would be much appreciated.

P.S. As to be correct I'm sharing the thread that I feel more close to the final goal I'm going for at least on the angle position. Original link comes from TIGCreations user at RPF post #56:

As in most of the other topics of Rubies mods I noticed people usually focus after the dome, to fix the nose the mouth area and sculpting better eyes. However am not that much into such detailing and also am afraid of risking any damages I can't fix on my own. So I followed the method described in both topics (links shared in first post here). I feel satisfied with the new dome angle. For now it's still using the original Velcro to keep the dome stable on the helmet, will see how durable it is when wearing it around. Will try to share images of my progress in a moment or bit later. Today working on smaller vent at the chin area to bring that ANH /R1 feeling on it.

Regards the dome ridge and detailing the eyebrows of the dome I'm having mixed feelings if ABS plastic will be user friendly for a dremel as it seems soft around the dome and hard to work with.
Perhaps I may try to shape the eyebrows and his ridge with a worbla or EVA foam, anyone have experience with such? Also I'm thinking of using old pair of red ski goggles to cut out new lenses for the helmet

Here are some photos from yesterday correcting the angle of the dome and cutting the front mount inside the dome with dremel. Today is the small vent. Later will go with two colour scheme, sadly can't find any gun metal spray paint in Bulgaria, so I'm going perhaps with a dark grey. Tried a test shot with dark chrome and applying matt gloss after the chrome was drayed in order to make it more like matt darker gray, didn't worked well it turned too light in shade. Will test couple more before I start the paint job of the helmet.


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