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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by youngwm, Dec 4, 2011.

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    I have made changes to the arm of a biker scout around 7" tall and have repositioned the arm used styrene as filler and Squadron Putty over the styrene glued and now I need to sand and get ready for painting. As I made cuts I understand that the dremel blade takes off some plastic and I have it pretty good length to the other arm after adding the styrene and putty. After sanding I never seem to get a real smooth finish and I am afraid that the primed and painted figure will show where I applied the putty. How do you make the putty area resemble the plastic of the model when positioned and ready to paint?



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    Try a poducted called Mr surfacer thay have it ib a 500 and 1000 grade thay also do it in a spray can that I use to spray resin models with and sand down, It fills in all the tiny holes.
    As for the Biker scout arms and body they have never been a good fit with a lot of work needed to get them looking half right. In the " MR " range get your self a bottle of Mr Thinners this an be used to remove Mr Surfacer and Squadron Putty this is good stuff if you are working a plastic or metal that has a lot of detail you can remove excess putty without sanding away fine detail and it will not damage the plastic.
    Also good in cornors that you need rounded, just use the Mr thinners with a cotton bud to remove the excess.
    And the good thing Mr thinners will remove putty and Mr Surfacer that is weeks old with a little elbow grease and with out loosing any detail.
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    Will do,, thanks for the reply!
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    Next time you do something like this try Apoxie Sculpt, it's a 2 part modeling clay made just for things like this. You can blend it and use water while blending, you can also add the detail back in with it.You won't have any of that messyness the putty leaves either that has to be cleaned up, and no risk of destroying surrounding detail that could come from sanding the putty.

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    using high grit sandpaper/hobby file will do the trick

    Apoxie sculpt work great and consummator support are very helpful. Though the product is hard to find, I only live a few hours away from where they are located and i have a hard time finding it.

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