Wonder Woman Movie 2017 Costume Build (WIP)


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You're lucky you had blue metallic leather laying around for that skirt lol. I'm planning on making another one with leather but I have just tan lightweight leather from Hobby Lobby!
haha! I didn't just have it lying around, that would be too lucky! I bought it a year ago when i found it, because i was already planning this costume!


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SO against better judgement I've decided to remake this costume. I was never 100% happy with how it turned out, with the paint job not being metallic enough for my liking, the leg armour being uncomfy, and the skirt and bracers taking damage super easily. So i've decided to fix it all up.

Starting with the skirt! I found a really nice navy leather (got the whole hide for £60!!! a steal) and got to work. To get the crackle texture her skirt has, I stencilled over a iridescent blue paint from Daler Rowney, and I glued the skirt pieces together with pva wood glue. I'll be weathering and adding the gold details and battle damage soon!

79360652_1385643841615357_6756795258182303744_n (1).jpg 80615531_888831594867784_7039670720648970240_n.jpg 79990562_1300022610196242_8711963816994275328_n.jpg

Next is testing the red paint job for the armour! I was never happy with how HARD it is to get a true metallic red paint job, until i stumbled across Arboreal Key's method! Primed surface with wood glue (deliberately leaving brush strokes as Wondy's armour has), glossy black paint, copper gilding wax, then finally Tamiya Clear Red paint! I'm so happy with the finish its perfect! Super shiny~

80023336_604177277054017_2706245827919085568_n.jpg 80647114_779897099101201_6764587677476978688_n.jpg 80383633_598749550874067_5939670591882657792_n.jpg

In the coming weeks I'll be repainting the bodice, remaking the bracers (hopefully from metal! And if not, then i'll use foam or leather) and eventually redoing the boots :)


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Onto the bracers! I was successful with crafting them from steel yay!

So i got a sheet of 1.5mm steel, cut out the pattern with a band saw and got to work.

I first used a pneumatic chisel to hammer in all the indented lines, and then a smaller bit to do battle damage.

Then muscles! The bracers were carefully hammered around into a large tube, so most of the work curving was done, before embossing the muscle detail in by hand

Then the shaping was VERY carefully completed to fit my arm (will look a lil larger right now as ill be lining it with felt for comfort.) Then final polishing, filing and battle scratches were completed!


The battle damage was the only bit i didnt do myself as the angle grinder terrified me hahah!

aaaand we're done! I just need to add some gold paint and then shading on that using enamels and theyre finished!



If we compare these new ones to my old bracers (which were made from cast urethane rubber) WOW the difference is amazing!! Put in a reference of the og ones from the movie too!



Hi, wow very nice costume! Well done! I did not fully understand how you made the lasso. Can you please explain it in more detail?

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