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  1. Harryfrei4443

    Need tips for mounting Batman Returns armor

    Hey everyone, New to the RPF so apologies if someone points out that this has been answered somewhere else. I have a full set of Batman Returns armor coming in sometime within the next couple of weeks and I can use a little help mounting it to an undersuit. I'm pretty handy when it comes to...
  2. Jake Kassnoff

    Starro Mask

    I made a Starro mask:
  3. RaMMYz

    Ratcatcher 2 suicide squad costume

    If anyone is interested I found her boots https://www.demobaza.com/products/in-tops-w?variant=18350359216224
  4. Fritzy525

    Birds of Prey: Is it a good movie?

    So I really like the DC comics, and I am a huge fan of Harley Quinn for some reason. So as we prepare for the sequel to Suicide Squad, I wanted to go back and discuss some things in the movie Birds of Prey. I personally thought that the Suicide Squad movie, the original, was not that great...
  5. AllyBP

    Wonder Woman golden armor wings

    Hello guys. I'm working on my WW Golden Armor cosplay now, and I've never built wings before, and I'm having a bit of trouble. I had custom made one, will fix it because I found out the design is a bit wrong, and I want it to be articulate. The issue is to add the feathers. They are made of a...
  6. alecpop

    Need Help Unfolding Red Robin Cowl in Pepakura

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could unfold this cowl for me in Pepakura for foam. I'm struggling with it and need this done for halloween this year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please Pm me or simply reply if interested. Edit: have the cowl mostly unfolded but still need help...
  7. M

    Any batman cape makers?

    I've been trying to find a few that can bring my dream cape to life. Anyone can help me?
  8. BlackMirageST

    V For Vendetta - inspired Hero mask replica

    This replica is made in resin and airbrush painted. I paid special attention to the shape of the mouth, eyes and eyebrows to make it the mort accurate as possible. Hope you enjoy.
  9. G

    Superman Red Son Suit Quarantine Craft!

    During the time of social distancing, great time to work on cosplay! Am I right?! Do to lack of toilette paper in my community i've decided not to go with my first choice, the mummy. Inspired by the new Superman : Red Son animated movie (inspired by the comic of the same name) and my love for...
  10. persialex

    Huntress (Birds of Prey)

    I have a buttload of reference pictures thanks to a couple of kind souls who snapped pics of her main costume on display at NYCC and were nice enough to send them my way. There's also her 90s training outfit, but that's not the star of the show.
  11. persialex

    Black Canary (Birds of Prey)

    Help! Where can I buy these pieces? These are all the reference images I could find. Y'all are good at finding things; help a gal out, please? I'm especially looking for the blt, jewelry, and top pieces; I'm planning to buy the pants from Blackmilk's collab collection.
  12. CaylePhoto

    Harley Quinn Pop Gun! Releasing my files to Creative Commons.

    I just wanted to share my files to anybody interested in using them! I started a serious career an no longer have time to sell props. I love BTAS and Harley Quinn so this is my gift to the community! Also there’s a story saved in the files of Thingiverse! www.thingiverse.com/thing:3814227...
  13. joker_gang_inspired_mask_spade__by_blackmirage_studio_dd46f89-fullview.jpg


    So this is an original creation Inspired of the joker gang masks. This is the Spade version and i'm Working on the 3 other aces.
  14. 06.png


    So this is an original creation Inspired of the joker gang masks. This is the Spade version and i'm Working on the 3 other aces.
  15. Goodnight29

    Batman Hybrid Suit

    Hello! I haven't made a post since May 2016 and want to get back involved with the community. I've made a few costumes out of foam but about a year ago I challenged myself and completed an Arkham Knight Batman suit out of EVA foam. This was more detailed than anything I had attempted before. I...
  16. ShadowAssassin

    Arkham Asylum Armored Batsuit FOAM

    Roughly 6 months ago I begun making templates for the Armored Batsuit in Batman Arkham Asylum. I have been consistently posting updates on Instagram but decided it was time to post it here. I begun with the torso which I do with most of my builds. This was to also help scale the rest of the...
  17. ShadowAssassin


  18. jsummit

    Batgirl Costume!

    Here's the costume I made for my daughter for October 2018! I'll be posting a video of the whole process eventually on my YouTube channel here: GEEK OF ALL TRADES Look at the little girl's expression in the background! Priceless!!
  19. captblitzdawg

    Original styled Red Robin cowl

    I am looking to convert a Batman cowl (one from Batman V Superman) into a Red Robin cowl. The ears on the mask are hollow but very short. My initial idea is to cut along the lines of the ears so it makes three flaps. Then I would lay the top flap down, cut away from the other two flaps whatever...
  20. chumcicle

    DC Comics' "Red Death"

    In July, my son decided that he wanted to Cosplay DC Comics' Red Death for Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey this year. For those of you not familiar with the character, he is Bruce Wayne from a negative Earth in the "Dark Multiverse" (Earth -52) who has stolen The Flash's Speed Force...
  21. DB537

    Deprecated Cancelled due to low interest - CW The Flash - 2024 'Flash Missing Vanishes in Crisis' Newspaper Poster Print

    Interest thread for full-color and full-size poster prints of the 2024 'Flash Missing Vanishes in Crisis' newspaper page from CWs 'The Flash'. I've got completed artwork ready to print, just need sufficient interest before I make the order from the printers. I will have more information on...
  22. megabethbob

    Wonder Woman Movie 2017 Costume Build (WIP)

    Hi! I started building my movie wonder woman costume back in december 2017, and just realised I never made a thread for the build! So I'll make a few posts now documenting everything i've done so far, and then continue to update when i do more work. So this is the costume I am making! The...
  23. Annisse

    DC Comics Harley Quinn Rebirth Boombox

    Love the new San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Harely Quinn Exclusive statue. I want to make this costume, don't feel like painting my body white. My face, no problem, but I have airbrushed my body before for my cosplays and even despite using the best airbrush body paints out there (ie: alcohol based)...
  24. T

    Want to Buy Looking for mask maker to attempt Crisis on Earth-X "Dark Arrow" mask

    Hey everyone! I know there are a lot of mask/helmet makers in this group, specifically CW Arrow Deathstroke, so hopefully this peaks someone's interest.
  25. M

    Newbie but looking for replica Starman gravity rod...

    Anyone on here make and sell those?