wonder woman

  1. NoblePony12

    Anyone familiar with AylinCosplay?

    Anyone familiar with the Italian cosplay maker AylinCosplay/AylinCosmaker? Or had a costume commissioned by her? What was your experience like? For those of you who don't know she's mostly known for her Wonder Woman costumes but she also makes suits/props inspired by Lara Croft, Berserk, The...
  2. AllyBP

    Wonder Woman golden armor wings

    Hello guys. I'm working on my WW Golden Armor cosplay now, and I've never built wings before, and I'm having a bit of trouble. I had custom made one, will fix it because I found out the design is a bit wrong, and I want it to be articulate. The issue is to add the feathers. They are made of a...
  3. ScreenFashions

    Costume Sketches and Pictures from Wonder Woman

    The "Crafting the Wonder" video at the DC Fandome featured some costume sketches and detailed photos of the Amazons' costumes and some of the weapons. I learned that Hippolyta has eagles on her shield because the ancient Amazons trained eagles to hunt with.
  4. RetroSnowWhite

    Please take a look at my film accurate cosplays!

    Hi! I'm super crazy with accuracy, down to the smallest details. It's cool to see a replica forum!! Here are some of the cosplays I've made. If you want to read more about them please check out my Instagram retrosnowwhite :) Lynda Carter Wonder Woman. Sarah from Labyrinth Dorothy from The...
  5. 13doctorwho

    Wonder Woman 1984 (Spoilerish)

    Here is our first look at Wonder Woman in costume for Wonder Woman 1984. On the surface it looks the same as her other three appearances, but I'm sure there are subtle differences that I'm missing...
  6. W

    Amazon warrior

    I am new to the costume making thing, but I am excited to try. In the new wonder women movie one of the Amazons has this type of armor. I wold like to try and make it but I have no Idea how to make it or where to start. Any suggestions would be great.
  7. megabethbob

    Wonder Woman Movie 2017 Costume Build (WIP)

    Hi! I started building my movie wonder woman costume back in december 2017, and just realised I never made a thread for the build! So I'll make a few posts now documenting everything i've done so far, and then continue to update when i do more work. So this is the costume I am making! The...
  8. AletaniAcklay

    Want to Buy Marvel Comics/Movies Wonder Woman White Star Patches

    I'm looking for 2 white embroidered star patches, 4" max size, to sew onto a custom Wonder Woman Jedi Mash up Commission that I have. I like the aesthetic of the kind of star that is on the captain america uniforms, but I need two of them at 4" in size. Willing to buy here, or if you have a...
  9. F

    Burn marks on clothing?

    Any suggestions on how to make burn marks on a poly/cotton jacket - that can then be removed? I want to try and make a jacket that looks like it has been caught in Wonder Womans lasso - leaving thin burn marks. I don't want to necessarily ruin the jacket so it can't be worn for other...
  10. S

    Superman is In...... For Justice League 2017

    I recently go through a video of Justice league recent trailer on youtube which in last shows Presence of Superman in Justice League. Have a Look and Do Share Your Thoughts. <span style="font-family: Arial">
  11. S

    Where can I get Wonder Woman Leather Jacket??

    I am Searching for Good Quality Wonder Woman Leather Jacket for my Girlfriend. When Have a Family themed get together coming next week and my girlfriends want a wonder woman leather jacket Can anyone of you suggest me some good reliable sites with the economy price around 100$ to 200$
  12. F

    Another cloth dyeing question

    Hi, I've read many other posts about fading/dyeing/changing fabric colors. So many posts I'm now confused about what can/should - and should not - be done. My final goal is an olive/brown coat (Steve Trevor from WW movie) that can look a little uneven and worn, so the color doesn't need to be...
  13. Manhattan

    Steve Trevor (WW)

    I have no knowledge of motor bikes anyone know what model bike Chris Pine is using in these shots?
  14. marishkabibble

    Want to Buy Wonder Woman 2017

    Hey everyone! I've been working on a Wonder Woman build and have the skirt, bracers, and greaves done so I moved onto the breastplate and alas, no luck. I've used the cover your body in saran wrap and tape method to form a pattern which then I traced out onto foam. This made me look like I was...
  15. R

    Smooth On: UreCoat

    So I've just seen smooth on's 'UreCoat' brush on urethane rubber coating in their product demo for making a Wonder Woman costume. I've not come across this product before and it looks as though it's just recently come into stock from my go-to smooth on supplier in the UK. Given how they bend the...
  16. F

    Wonder Woman (2017) Cloak

    So I've been working on adapting my BVS Wonder Woman cosplay to be for the standalone film! One of my big projects is making the cloak worn in this movie and I wanted to start a thread for those also working on the cloak so we can help each other out! Here are the two main images I've been...
  17. springsteel

    Wonder Woman - Golden Themyscira Armor

    Anyone else out there wanting to build Diana's golden dress from Themyscira? This was a design that I was a little torn on, not quite knowing what to think of it (classic case of another mini-dress on the battlefield), but the recent Mother's Day clip of Diana training under Hippolyta's gaze...
  18. D

    Wonder Woman The God-Killer Sword

    Hey everyone, This is my first post on RPF though it's not my first build. So earlier this month I decided to create a full Wonder Woman costume complete with sword and shield. I wanted to do this to help promote the movie come it's premiere out here and so kids and older fans of DC or Wonder...
  19. F

    Wonder Woman Costume build

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  20. Dirtbag11

    DCEU Aquaman armor build

    I've started an Aquaman armor build from the upcoming Justice League movie, and I thought I'd document my progress.
  21. P

    Black Lantern Wonder Woman (Pic Heavy)

    I used the image here as reference: http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/File:Black_Lantern_Wonder_Woman_001.jpg I decided to redo the accessories and finally make an axe prop for a Black Lantern Wonder Woman costume I made a few years ago. The skirt, belt, and whip are still made out of craft foam and...
  22. monsterman34

    Wonder Woman dawn of justice foam build with templates

    Here is the almost finished version of 2 of 3 versions of this armor for a my themed photo shoots Hope the templates help others to build a great suit Armor Size: Body Height: 5' 8" Bust/Chest: 32" C cup Waist: 24" Hips: 34"
  23. L

    Want to Buy Desperate for Wonder Woman Dawn of justice replica costume

    Hi all, I am not sure where to post this but am hoping that by some miracle one of you might be able to prove to be a saviour, or help point me in the right direction. My wife is celebrating her 40th birthday on Saturday the 19th of November and has been planning a costume party for it for...
  24. F

    Wonder Woman 2017 Themyscira Outfit

    hey all! I really want to make the outfit Diana wears on Themyscira! I have this pinterest board of the images I've been able to find but I'm hoping someone has way images and can help out! thanks in advance
  25. brandomack

    Done / Completed Wonder Woman (2017) Shield

    I'm passing this project over to TheRocketeer, he will create a new thread and will be in charge of everything. For those interested, i encourage you to contact Rocketeer on his new thread once created. The price and contruction will be what he determines. Thanks for your interest everyone!