WIP: Fallout New Vegas Ranger Helmet


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I've been thinking about making one of these helmets for a while now, i just got started on
this yesterday. I started by making the Amp and Filter.
I will be using the pep files that NeXXt made to make my helmet.

Here's the Amp and Filter made from 1.5mm styrene, they still need some filling and sanding.

Any and all comments welcome.
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Very nice detail.
I'm gonna try and get at much detail as i can, hopefully it'll turn out ok, i've
never made anything like this before. I was just taking a look at your thread, looking good.

I just spent the last 5 hours cutting and gluing, my fingers are now made up more of super glue than skin :cry

i almost asked if you use a toy wagon wheel for the filter cover! looks great, and it's really hard to tell it was hand made and not machine/mold manufactured
Small update, just started making the lens surrounds. Again they're made from 1.5mm styrene, i made them with a groove around the inside so i could fit a 1mm oneway lens and red EL wire (i'm just using a bit of blue EL wire as a spacer for now). They still need filling and sanding.

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