wich predator?

choose the one you would like to see being made

  • black super predator

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  • tusk predator character

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  • birdface predator character

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im planning to make a life size predator bust of one of the new predators from the new predator movie.
i let you choose wich predator character i should make. I know there arent much pictures of the new creatures, but what predator do you think looks the best/most badass/coolest. and if is possible let me know why you think your choise is the best

of course i will begin making the bust after the new movie came out( i can't take the risk that it is not screen accurate:p)



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I can't vote because I haven't seen enough yet of these new Preds. Just saw the new helmet that Sideshow is offering today. Mr. Black Life-size replica mask. It looks awesome. It may be my first helmet I choose to own. Not much for the AVP helmets. This one looks cool though. Check it out.