When your Girlfriend points out your more penguin than Joker....

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    I fought the good fight - I won the nerd lottery and ended up with tickets to San Diego Comic Con. Nerd Paradise.

    "We have to go in costume" she says.
    "I want to go as San" she says.

    I think. Batmans gonna be too tricky, then a mate offers me an Arkham Asylum Joker outfit he bought for a costume party. Patch on the knee and well made - perfect.

    I leave it until the day before no return to try the costume on. Come downstairs all full of beans and happy.... Check it out.... I'm the joker.

    My Misses looks me up and down, smiles, flinches and looks at the floor.
    - What.
    - Nothing
    - Come on
    - Well its just.... nah never mind.
    - TELL ME
    - Your more p. p. p.... penguin than joker.

    Not since too short for a stormtrooper has a line stung so much.

    Life - lemons - lemonade and whatnot. Quick review of the clothes in the wardrobe, already had the face paint. Only one solution....


    Behold the process. If I had known how much fun stenciling was as a Kid Id have tagged my way to the juve cubes!!!
    image1.jpeg Too short for the Joker.... :(
    image2.jpeg Need an Arkham Asylum hoodie - Home made screen printing is fun (although there is a lot of unnecessary bleed)
    image3.jpeg Need some DOC pants - but not so DOC obvious I get refused entry by homeland Security.
    image5.jpeg SO MUCH FUN !!!!!
    image4.jpeg And paint the stencil over my lovely screen print....
    image6.jpeg Some boxer wraps and a backpack and this is the Joker goon from Arkham asylum....
    image7.jpeg I had so much fun I stenciled a joker onto my back pocket as well (so the people behind know which side Im on....)
    image8.jpeg Face paint..... Its a touch Captain Spaulding...
    image9.jpeg If I was Batman, Id punch me right in the face :)

    Ahhhh impromptu Joker Goon finished.

    My inspiration... : http://cdn.macworld.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Batman-Arkham-City2.jpg
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    I'm sure she meant well
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    Ooouuuch! You're right, that one shoots right through the sternum.

    But the Joker Goon looks GREAT! Especially the shirt. I humbly request that you have your wife (she owes you one) film you on the con floor yelling, "It's the freakin' bat!" and charging them every time you spot someone in a Batman costume. Comedy gold.
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    Ouch! I feel that sting. I'm looking at myself right now and feel more fatman than batman. But I have till Oct to get my butt in shape for NYCC. Your joker goon though was on point! Looks great. awesome last minute innovation.
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