What's the best Bucky rescue jacket available right now (Captain America: TFA)?

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by Cameron1138, Sep 10, 2018.

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    I might be looking for the vintage-style leather double rider Cap wears in the Bucky rescue mission in The First Avenger. Who sells the best ones for the money? It doesn't look like Magnoli makes one (I know I could probably get one custom, but I definitely can't afford that). From the pictures in this thread it looks like Vanson Leathers made one but I can't find anything about it now. All I can find actually for sale are a bunch on eBay all with stolen stock images (some of the Vanson jacket). Are any of those confirmed to be decent enough quality? I want it to be real leather (preferably slightly distressed, but that's not necessary), and sturdy enough to use as a regular jacket (but not for protection while riding or anything). I won't be buying anytime soon so it's not urgent but I'm just wondering what's out there.
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    FYI: Custom Jackets aren't generally any more expensive than if we already offer it. Design work, pattern making and prototyping costs are covered by us. So, if you'd like us to do one of these for you, we're happy to do it!

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