captain america the first avenger

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  1. J

    Captain America USO shield replica

    Hey all! It’s been a very long time since I’ve been around the RPF but I thought y’all would appreciate this shield I made as a birthday gift for a friend: It’s constructed out of several sheets of 2mm plywood with a sheet of aluminum on the front to give it the metallic feel and heft. I...
  2. Z

    Captain america shield and acccessories

    Hi guys and girls i need some help as i am doing a captain america cosplay for july and need advice on where to get everything. So far i am going for white sheep costume and looking at two etsy sellers for a metal shield; shieldlabs and capshieldcentral. Has anyone bought from these sellers and...
  3. W

    Captain America Heater Shield

    Hey there RPF. I'm setting out on a journey to create a heater shield to emulate Cap from the Ultimate Marvel Universe. He sports something reminiscent of an medieval shield as you may know and I don't intend to mess about with this particular prop, I'm looking for a steel. I understand that...
  4. Cameron1138

    What's the best Bucky rescue jacket available right now (Captain America: TFA)?

    I might be looking for the vintage-style leather double rider Cap wears in the Bucky rescue mission in The First Avenger. Who sells the best ones for the money? It doesn't look like Magnoli makes one (I know I could probably get one custom, but I definitely can't afford that). From the pictures...
  5. M

    Captain America Rescue Costume for Kid

    So every year i ask my kid what he wants to be for Halloween and well this year he wants to be Captain America from the rescue mission in the first movie. For the most part Im good with making everything or thrift store finding the things I need, like this cute leather jacket I from an etsy...
  6. paxtoprime94

    Quick 'n' Easy Cap Shield from ThinkGeek backpack

    So long story short I already made my own shield a few years ago the hard way with an MH saucer sled and absolutely love it, but didn't have the need to use it for cosplaying until now. Work and school have got me busy so I don't have alot of time to work on sewing my Batman Beyond suit anymore...
  7. Cameron1138

    Does anyone sell Captain America USO shirts?

    I'm putting together Cap's Bucky rescue outfit, and I'm wondering if there's somewhere I can get a reasonably screen-accurate version of the shirt he wears. I'd been thinking of just getting this if I can't find a better one, but it looks like too dark of a blue and the red and white stripes are...
  8. Thorlief Golmen


    Hey Guys, Ive done a few attempts at costume with some success and some failure but its all alearning curve, and with each costume attempt Ive learned so much. Being a member of this site has also grestly improved the costume Ive made as there is so much resource to look over here, its a one...
  9. Mike J.

    Unlimited Run Red Skull 75th Anniversary Shirts

    The first appearance of the Red Skull proper was in October of 1941, which makes this month his 75th anniversary! Hail Hydra! -MJ
  10. S

    How Does Cap's Shield Stick To His Back?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into building a Captain America costume (with shield, of course), and I'm wondering if anyone has any first-hand knowledge of how the costumers attached the shield to Cap's back in the movies. Easily attached, easily detached - I'm guessing electromagnets.s Thanks for...
  11. Mike J.

    Happy Birthday, Toby Jones!

    Toby Jones! Perhaps most famous as Dr. Arnim Zola in the Marvel universe, but many other good roles as well. -MJ
  12. Mike J.

    Stark Personnel Extraction Transponder Replica: Captain America: TFA

    Has anyone ever replicated this? I'm thinking of giving it a try. -MJ
  13. Mike J.

    Hydra Battery Replica: Captain America: TFA

    Has anyone ever replicated one of these? I've done some searches on the net & on the board and I haven't found any. -MJ
  14. climbnkd

    What??? Another TFA Captain America?

    So I guess I'll jump in here and post what I've got so far for my TFA Captain America. I am preparing for Comic-Con in Salt Lake City the first weekend in September so I only have a few weeks left. I'm getting pretty close though. Here is most of what I've got so far. I know the jacket and...
  15. Mike J.

    Captain America: TFA Bucky / POW Rescue Suit with Off-the-Shelf Parts

    Might as well get started posting; I've been working on this for at least two months already :) I am assembling a Cap costume, from the Bucky / POW Rescue / Hydra factory sequence, using as many off-the-shelf or off-the-rack components as possible. Why? I thought that particular costume would...
  16. C

    Captain America Shield~1:1 scale prop replica~Marvel Avengers Harness Magnet Kit

    Something I made for myself, I want to share with everyone. I have done mural painting, custom and fine art for over 15 years. I decided to make the best Captain America Halloween costume ever. The shield, harness kit turned...
  17. M

    Captain America TFA "Bucky Rescue" - Better late than never...

    This is going to be a long first post…. bear with me. Ok, so I have been a member of this forum since 2011 but have never posted before so here goes nothing. I have loved to get on here and see what all of you amazingly creative people have done. While I have made a few costumes for my wife...
  18. SuperheroDIY

    Captain America TFA buckles

    So I've been building a Captain America: The First Avenger costume for quite some time now, and am ALMOST done! It's been a long time coming, that's for sure. I started off with an eBay suit, then did about a million modifications from adding real seatbelt webbing, to leather, to fabric paint...
  19. T

    Captain America "Inactive" file

    Hello im interested in making as accurate a replica as possible of the "inactive" file from the end of captain america ive already searched the Captain America TFA thread and i have all the files from there. im specifically looking for the "Cardio Vascular Report" seen just behind the pic of...
  20. Jake Kassnoff

    Captain America's WWII Helmet

    A few years ago I made Captain America's original helmet that he first used to raid the Hydra factory in "The First Avenger"
  21. The Full Armor

    Unlimited Run Complete Captain America: Age of Ultron uniforms (New and Improved!)

    Complete Captain America: Age of Ultron uniforms (made to order) Iam offering full uniforms as well as each piece individually forthose of you looking to modify your current costumes. The fulluniform comes complete with a replica helmet, multiple-piece jacket, pants, shieldharness, utility...
  22. TheSChorsch719

    Crossbones Captain America Civil War

    Reference Images
  23. Maryfoxfirebird

    Has anyone bought Cap helmets from monsters in

    With civil war fast approaching I'm in the market for a helmet. I've seen awesome work on this forum but I find the 6 wk wait time a bit daunting. I found this seller via Google and wanted you guys opinion.
  24. Mike J.

    Captain America – 1941 - 2016 – Celebrating 75 Years!

    March of 2016 marks the 75th anniversary of the first appearance of Captain America! And Bucky Barnes. -MJ
  25. Cameron1138

    Bucky Barnes TFA jacket material?

    I want to make Bucky's jacket from The First Avenger, and strangely, as cool as it is, I've seen very few attempts at replicating it. I'm sure I'll be able to figure out the pattern but I can't quite tell what it's made of. It looks like it could be wool, which is what I'll try to use if no one...

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