What is your 'grail' and do you own it?


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Cant go wrong with Albion :) They are perfect in every way.
Thanks. I've had a few and they are quite wonderful.

As for me, my grails are:

custom harness of 15th century Gothic style armour

Albion sword models Brescia, Cluny, Duke, Regent, Talhoffer, Tyrolean, Alexandria, Machiavelli, Kingmaker, Knight, Knecht, Oakeshott, and maybe one or two others, oh and one of each of their main Conan swords.
My favorite harness is this gorgeous beast of a 15th century set-up in the English style, made for Tobias Capwell by Robert Macpherson. That would be another grail for me, but it's not related to any particular film or tv property. :lol

You mentioned the Cluny--when they released that sword I was in Paris and was able to compare it to the authentic original. The Albion re-creation is nothing short of spectacular.



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Oh yes indeed! Toby's Harnesses are among the best I have ever seen. Robert's work was nothing short of perfection.

And yes, the Cluny is amazing. I got to hold it and swing it around at Blade Show 2011. Oh... em... gee!!! I have never handled a lighter and more lively sword. It would literally float away if you let it go. The point control is superb! uggh... why must I be a poor *******! :lol


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My former grail was a Farscape Peacemaker Pulse Pistol (I need to finish and fix the kit I got, one the lines didn't mold right...f-ers!) but I obtained it... Prior to that it was the "Phurba Dagger" from the Shadow. As of now... I'm now looking slowly into what the next one is going to be. funds are tight...thanks x-mas season!


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What a great question. There's so many props I want but not sure what my one holy grail item is. I'd either be between the M41A Pulse Rifle, the Portal Gun, the Samaratin from Hellboy, or the Zero Point Energy Gun (Gravity Gun) from Half-life 2. Yeah I like gun props, but not a gun nut myself.

I almost feel like I should take the portal gun off the list tho. You can buy them from Think Geek for like $200. If it's a Holy Grail item I feel like it should be harder to acquire.
No contest, ST:TNG command chair. I've been in love with Next Gen since I was 7, and to own the command chair would be like heaven. I doubt I'd ever stand up, I'd spend my entire life sitting in it barking orders. "ENGAGE!" :lol


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My all time want is plainly one thing:

But for now my Grail is my smaller version:

Didnt have a pic of mine as its boxed at the minute, so a quick google search later :p


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I was very fortunate to find this one, but I think the plate's as far as I'll go with modifying it!
What's your VIN number, out of curiosity?

I have read online that driving a full converted BTTF Delorean is dangerous because people around you drive like jackasses as they try to get pictures of it with camera phones as there driving. Plus it has a lot of blindspots.


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I have read online that driving a full converted BTTF Delorean is dangerous because people around you drive like jackasses as they try to get pictures of it with camera phones as there driving.
That goes for the regular one too, sadly... I've almost been in a couple of smashes caused by people not watching the road!


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My "Grail" was a Maltese Falcon.

I looked for years trying to find the "one". Up until I found the one made by the most talented "Ozymandias" here on the RPF, all of the ones I saw were either terribly inaccurate, extremely overpriced, or utter garbage.

When Ozymandias did a run here a few years ago, I was completely overwhelmed with the quality. I was also very happy that he offered the option to add weight to it. It is very heavy (which I wanted as it makes it more "realistic", and we have cats that could knock it over)

It is still my favorite prop.

Thanks Oz!



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It is amazing to read this thread from page 1 and see what items are important to different members. Out of the images I looked at, I am with the OP.

I so want one!


I had two grails for the longest time. And I'm talking about realistic grails, not something that would cost $100,000 to fab. The first grail piece I wanted was a really good solid replica of the speargun from the 1989 Batman. Luckily, I was able to get the full metal SD Studios one that was produced a few years ago (which is actually how I found the RPF in the first place!). It is amazing. So that was one grail down. The second grail is one I've been searching for ever since I first got on the Internet in the early 90s. The hula girl motion lamp from Joe Versus The Volcano. A few years ago, I was finally able to identify the original statue that was used as the base of the lamp. I'm really really close to owning a full replica with exact lampshade art. Once I have that piece, anything else will just be gravy.


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Mine has to be the 1967 Impala from Supernatural which I actually have its in progress now.

Photo Jul 13, 11 36 52 AM.jpg

Photo May 07, 3 44 41 PM.pngPhoto May 07, 3 43 16 PM.jpg

Also after reading though this whole thing I see there are a ton of people wanting Deloreans, I didn't realize how much people want them

I also just found out my father in law has one in his warehouse hasn't been touched in 12 years.

Its an 81
Needs some work, to a collector it's not a lot of work.
Needs a new fuel pump, regulator
Needs an engine exhaust analyzer performed

I said how much would you sell it for he said 21k Is that fair too much? Its not for sale but I guess it could be.


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I guess mine would have to be Dean & Sam Winchester's Screen Used Pistols that I own................:love Oh by the way, these are REAL FIREARMS and NOT replicas.....:$

Screen Used.jpg


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I would like to get a prop from each of the Doctors' era. Ones that we quickly associate with that Doctor.

1st Doctor - His cane (I know where to get one, just can't afford it right now) or his ring. (do not own either)

(On all of those I mean replicas of those items if I didn't mention it already. Not really looking to have the actual props and especially the costume pieces.)

2nd Doctor - His recorder. (do not own)

3rd Doctor - I have a replica of his Sonic Screwdriver, but I would really like to get a replica of his Dematerialization Circuit. It represents most of his era more (the whole being grounded bit).

4th Doctor - Big grail item here: his scarf and I have a replica of his 12th season (his 1st season) scarf. I plan to add his last scarf as well. I also have a replica of his sonic.

5th Doctor - I have a replica of his sonic, but it doesn't scream 5th Doctor enough for me. Unfortunately the thing that does the most is his fake celery or his coat. Not really wanting his coat. I'm the wrong body type for it and I don't want it just hanging on display. Plan to add a cricket ball to the display to represent the 5th as well. The one other thing that screams 5th Doctor is his tool box (granted it or a copy was used with the 8th). That or one of his gadgets he had in one of his stories.

6th Doctor - The one thing that stands out the most with this is guy is the same thing I am not thrilled with about this guy... his coat. It's hideous, but you know which Doctor someone is talking about when they mention it. I would probably settle with his Sonic Lance or maybe one of his other gadgets that didn't appear in more than one story. Unfortunately Colin's time was cut short. The only other thing would be to find a umbrella that matches his.

7th Doctor - Well it would definitely have to be his Question Mark Umbrella, which I have. I also have his key (thank you Megatron). The other thing would be his hat which I don't have. It's not easy since I have an 8 1/4 sized hat size. I know it wouldn't be the right size compared to McCoy's, but I would want one to fit my head. McCoy's hat he had from his first episode to his appearance in the movie (okay so the actual hat may have changed but one like it), the same can't be said about his umbrella and key. I do like his jacket though, but it doesn't scream 7th Doctor as much as his umbrella and hat. Oh and the 7th Doctor was the only Doctor to actually keep his hat on most of the time. Tom Baker and Davison would wear them for a little bit and then take them off. TB wore his more than Davison though.

8th Doctor - I have his key (1-800-TREKKER key). I had it before the show aired when they just tried to pass it as the Doctor's key. I have a replica of his sonic screwdriver. Though the two could be mistaken for previous Doctors if someone wasn't up on the props. The only other thing would be his jacket, but I really don't want it either. His console would be nice to have, but it's a bit big.

9th Doctor - Now some don't think much of his costume. I like the understated look after the producers realizing that this might be the way to go. McCoy almost had that except all the question mark motif. I would really like to have the 9th Doctor's jacket. It looks cool and it is something I think of the 9th Doctor when I see it. I would also like to have his sonic, but unless you know the difference between his and 10th's then the two could be mistaken for each other. I am getting some Psychic Paper, but it's been used by three Doctor's now (I don't know if it has changed from Doctor to Doctor or not) though he was the first to use it.

10th Doctor - Not sure what to get to represent him. His sonic has the same problem as the last, but I might go ahead and get his some day because he used it more than 9 (and because I like sonics). I'm the wrong body type for his clothes. I do have some Chucks though. I might get some 3D glasses to go with the his props. The only thing I can think of is that one tracker prop he used in "Partners in Crime"

11th Doctor - One of his bow ties comes to mind first, then his sonic, sonic cane, and his latest overcoat. Honorable mentions: Fez, Stetson, and Top Hat.
Update on the 10th Doctor, I would have to say his swirly tie.

I need to add the War Doctor to this and I would say his bandolier would be at the top of the list. I already have his sonic (that I could put on the bandolier) and it is awesome. At first I thought they just chopped off the head of an older one and put a light on it but that was not the case. I love the detail at the other end. This just seems like the natural progression between the classic sonic and Eccleston's sonic.

6th Doctor, I might want to add cat badge to that list.

Oh and the jury is out on the 12th Doctor until we see some more screen time from him.
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Screen used X-FILES Fbi badge...and I own it. The thing I dont (and never will) have is one the real Maltese Falcon statues.