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Hello friends,

I’ve mentioned this project over at Club Obi Wan, and thought I’d mention it here since I’ve been a member here for over 15 years. I’ve made a LOT of great friends on here and gotten amazing advice and help on all my projects. So a short story before I get into the meat of this project.

I just started attending Seminary again to get another Ministry Degree. It’s given me a bit of free time to work on my class work, AND my prop Hobby. As a Pastor, Last Crusade has a special place in my heart. It’s just a genius film!

Like so many of you, I had saved every photo or screenshot of the Grail Diary since about 2002. Everything, I collected alllllllll the photos. I had hundreds and hundreds of photos in this album on my computer, mostly stuff I had picked up at Club Obi Wan, or online somewhere. Then guess what happened?

My computer crashed in the middle of COVID and the backup I’d been using had not been saving my data, and I lost everything. I mean, I lost EVERYTHING.

Every single family photo, every single baby photo of my kids, photos of me back when I was skinny (LOL) and every reference photo I had saved of all my Star Trek, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones stuff. It was devastating. Losing those photos of the Grail Diary hurt pretty badly. It was time to start over. So that’s what I’m doing.

Starting from scratch this past week, I began with the Last Crusade DVD photo extras section, and collected the excellent movie prop photos of the real Grail Diary pages on the “extras gallery” of the official DVD.

Then, I collected and scanned the Grail Diary pages from the Star Wars to Indiana Jones Lucasfilm book (ISBN-13 # 978-0811809979). Like most of you, I saved the few official movie prop auction photographs over the years of the Grail Diary and added a few excellent photos, as well as a few more photos here and there.

But it's not much so far compared to what I had collected for 20 years. BUT: I'm trying though! Trying to start collecting reference photos of the production made props from scratch in 2023 is not awesome. I’m frustrated and tired and I can’t find the best photos of the Grail Diary id collected before my hard drive died.

Oftentimes old Internet forum threads that use to have excellent photos of the Grail Diary have dead links and the photograph or photos are talked about but just not there anymore. UGH. I feel like a novice and I’m not. But I’m not giving up. (Someone play the Rocky theme song!)

One of thing things I REALLY lament losing was a small guide/key one of you had made. It had small thumbnails with the photo of each Grail Diary page, with the name and location in the Hero Diary. Without that I feel completely lost. It was a perfect guide/key to the Grail. Indy Magnoli’s thread over at COW is flawless, but doesn’t have a guide/key to the pages with images.

It's really really hard to TALK about a photograph when you have no idea what the photo is. LMAO. It's maddening. Sometimes finding a photo or reference image is difficult when the image is just gone, the link is bad, or you don't know what you're looking for! There are days I feel like a moron reading about a Grail Diary page, and it turns out it wasn't even the page I thought it was! IT TOOK ME 10 DAYS TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THE CRAP “MWNN” MEANT! AAARH! Lolololololol

So I am trying to create a new Grail Diary thumbnail guide/key with images. That's why I am posting this and that’s the project I’m starting today. I’m ONLY using and collecting images/photos of real Grail Diaries from the movie. (No made-up pages, no fan made pages. Those are cool but not what I need for this project.) Only real Grail Diary movie prop photographs.

This project I’m starting will have:
the Grail Diary page name
the Grail Diary page number
and a thumbnail image for reference

My goal is to have nothing posted that can be stolen by someone to make money on ebay or etsy! But we long time members deserve to have a guide key with photos/images, something small, and easy to use.

There are a few really really good threads that have a lotta info, but I can't find a single thread that has the pages listed with the photo of the page (for idiots like me!). Indy Magnoli and Zenseeker’s work is amazing and they are Indy Gods in my book! Lol. But I know I need to see what we’re talking about. So I’m building a reference guide key.

I’ve just begun, and I’m collecting images at this point. Ive attached an example for you guys to see of what it will look like, but it will ALSO have the Grail Diary page #, and name of the page as well (which I haven’t done yet). I just started this project last week. Even though I feel like I started it back in the early 90’s when I had that Lucasfilm diary from the video game!

Once I’m done I’ll post it up on Club Obi Wan and here on the RPF so everyone can use it. Because you guys are like family! (Except for Leroy Jenkins, he’s not invited!)

If anyone is willing to share Grail Diary reference photos with me, please drop me a PM. If it’s private, your secret will be safe with me. If you prefer, I can thank you publicly with a huge hug and cupcakes OR bacon as a thank you! I’m a Pastor and I don’t drink, but I can buy YOU a beer as a Thank you! Lolololol.

I’ve known a lotta you guys for nearly 20 years. Id sincerely appreciate a little help collecting the Grail Diary images.

Blessings and Good health to you all,

~Pastor Chuck


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I had a good question! Someone asked why I was including the black & white and negative version of the each Grail Diary page?

I really liked the look of it all, so it’s simply an aesthetic choice just for fun. Kind of a why not situation as I put allllll this info together!

Hope that helps!



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ALRIGHTY! , This little project is coming together nicely. Here is the look I am going for, minus the info. Each image will have the
Grail Diary Page Number
Grail Diary Page Name
Grail Diary Image

The hardest part for me now is figuring out the name and location of each page. There are several different places on the internet with some of the info, but NONE have images WITH this info, so I'm working hard on my research!

PS: For the people that keep messaging me, the majority of my Grail Diary images came from high res scans of this superb book:
Star Wars to Indiana Jones Lucasfilm book (ISBN-13 # 978-0811809979) as well as the EXTRAS section of the Last Crusade DVD. The DVD had a little photo gallery with some sweet Grail Diary photos. I'm not one of those superstars who know people that own the actual Grail Diary prop! I wish I did! I'm just a common pleb. Just a worker drone. :D


-The Chuckster


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I've been working hard but kind of hit the wall on this. I don't have all the images of the real pages, which makes this much much more difficult. But I am not giving up!


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I've been working hard but kind of hit the wall on this. I don't have all the images of the real pages, which makes this much much more difficult. But I am not giving up!
Have you looked into the “new” pages found by the prop store that Adam Savage showed on his YouTube channel a couple of years ago?

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