What are your most desired obscure props?

The light grenade from Mom and Dad Save the World
An on-line search for "deep metal circular tin" will provide a starting point for the Private Ryan dirt containers. I did not find any exact matches with my quick pass through the images - but there are many contemporary possibilities. The tin does NOT have a screw lid so that eliminates many options. The edge of the lid is distinctive. It appears to be concave but that may just be an artifact of the lighting. Additional images would be helpful to find the exact item.
You can find the Face/Off money clip with an on-line search for "dragon head money clip". This will show you a company TranNYC. I do not know anything about the company or their products. This is NOT a recommendation - just an attempt to help a follow collector with information.
Ya I dont trust that but I think I might cast my own in brass with lost pla process
The stolen Death Star plans from Star Wars.

It’s one of the most famous macguffins in film, and drives much of the plot, but we only got a brief, vague glimpse of the data card Leia inserts into R2-D2. Almost nothing is known about the prop itself (last time I checked).

The Rogue One version is delightful, but I’m still wondering about the original.

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