What are your most desired obscure props?


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A Star Trek Enterprise bridge ops manual.


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Gold rim whiskey glasses or Gold rim old fashioned whiskey glasses turns up interesting hits.
Thanks for the search options man, but tried gold, silver, platinum and black rimmed old fashioned glasses. German, Austrian, British and all manner of other searches too! I wish I could find the exact glass as it would go with the silver flower holder I have :cry: It's the 2 bands and the rim which is proving tricky to nail down :confused:


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Danny's crown and golden arrow from The Man Who Would Be King:


Eowyn's helmet from The Lord of the Rings:


The Nazca tomb dagger from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 1.50.56 PM.png

They're not really obscure, but they're certainly hard as heck to find. I doubt anyone will ever make the first ones. I'm quite surprised the second one hasn't been officially released by Weta Workshop in all these years (I've seen a couple of fan-made ones around, but not good enough for my taste). And the third one, well... it never was at the very top of my "most wanted list" until recently. It now is due to utter exasperation trying to find one for several years with no luck.


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Heh, been thinking of other props I've been looking for:

Spock's cobalt blue Wine Chalice from Star Trek VI (I'm fairly certain this is a candle holder)
Screen Shot 2023-01-29 at 2.38.49 PM.png

Oh, and maybe make a working Starfleet boatswain's whistle:

Less obscure, but perhaps not as popular as some:

The Greatest American Hero Suit Box and Instruction Book

The Ajanti Dagger from The Golden Child
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I've got a few, but 2 of them are directly related. What's kind of funny is these are all from shows created by James Parriott

The Omni from Voyagers

And the Incan goblet and the drawing of it from Nick Knight


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