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    I am looking to build ORAC from Blakes 7, I can only find a couple of threads about it, so I am starting my own, I have only built a Dalek, K9 and half way through R2D2 at the moment, so I am only a beginner by most standards here and as you can see I have been an avid reader of the stories on here, but I have only posted on the prop forums for the that I was making.

    My first task is to locate the dimensions, then the general layout making a plan, and finally a parts list.

    I have left this section below for quick reference later for anyone interested in building it.

    Outside Dimensions.

    Differences in the series.

    Plan layout.

    Parts List.
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    I can answer some of your questions.

    The original Orac prop measures 18.5 inches wide x 14.5 inches deep x 10 inches high.

    There are two main "versions" of the prop - what I refer to as the "white" version, seen in the episode "Orac" at the end of Series 1, and the updated version from Series 2 onwards - this had lots of coloured Pespex added, I expect to make it more visually interesting. There were other things done with the prop (repairs, the odd bit added here and there), but it's generally the same.

    I have added some photos, two showing what I mentioned above, the others are shots I have taken of the prop as it exists "now".

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi Superhorus,

    The dimensions Exterminator has given you are correct for the Season 3&4 version of the ORAC prop which still exists today; however the original version was significantly larger and measured 500mm x 400mm x 300mm.

    The complexity and weight of the original prop proved unpractical for filming and transportation and so it was broken down and rebuilt at a smaller scale and with fewer components.

    My friend is a specialist model maker and has produced more replicas of ORAC in all its forms than anyone else (Exterminator owns three of his pieces). Here are some pictures of the ORAC props has had completed recently, and I’m sure he would be happy to talk to you about these and other B7 projects he has worked on.


    ORAC (Series 1 & 2).jpg

    Liberator 2 (studio-scale) Blakes 7.jpg

    Liberator (studio-scale) - Blakes 7.jpg

    Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy - Prop.jpg

    Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy and Cover - Prop.jpg

    ORAC 2 (Redemption) - Blakes 7 (1).jpg


    B7 (1).jpg

    ORAC 3 (Redemption) - Blakes 7.jpg

    ORAC 2 (Gambit) - Blakes 7.jpg

    ORAC (Redemption) - Blakes 7.jpg

    ORAC 4 (Redemption) - Blakes 7.jpg

    Liberator Studio-scale Model 3 - Blakes 7.jpg

    Liberator studio-scale Model 2 - Blakes 7.jpg

    Federation Heavy Pistol - Blakes 7.jpg

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    Thanks for the replies, This is fantastic reference material.
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    Yes, the ORACs he has built me are truly splendid! I've not got the kit to cut acrylic properly, so I'd rather "outsource" to someone who can. I've got other pieces by him too, all good ... oh, and he's a nice chap as well!! :thumbsup

    Ah, I'd always assumed it was the same case, but the innards had been updated. I'll make a note of that! :D
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