What’s Everyone Working on During C19 Quarantine?

On lockdown now, could still work but as my wife is an NHS nurse I have to Self isolate as to keep her safe for work so I’m in the workshop
Back doing some bits for the Vader reveal build
Mandalorian armour
The asset ( baby Yoda )
Starlord figurine
Also finishing up enfys nest helmet
As my vacation turned into a staycation, I've been keeping myself busy. I helped out some friends pack up their daughter from college, as all classes were cancelled except for online. Then I've been helping out family members, with projects around the property & going hunting for supplies at various stores for them. & I started the clean up & painting of my 3D printed Baby Yoda from rgriesbeck. Temperatures have taken a cold swing & it's been raining the last couple days, so that's on hold. & on & on.

Hope everyone stays well!
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Office is closed so trying to work from home while my wife homeschools the kids, super productive for all involved. I anticipated all this extra time for prop work just getting my commute time back (have a half finished TFA Graflex, Death Star Detention Cameras and Red 5 helmet all sitting on my workbench) but family projects seem to be taking over (new dining table, swings for the kiddos, DNS blocker for the home network). Did come up with the time to make this guy out of scraps from some of those projects with my daughter though, she’s a big Wall-E fan.

Hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy!

Working on two original lightsabers. A combination of found parts and 3D printed. We were encouraged to work from home, but not forced yet. So I'm working from home as much as I can.
Got the helmet, soft parts, and hand plated for Mando done. Working on shoulders now. Everyone else in my room at work got moved to home. I have the office to myself. So quarantine projects re still for after work.
I've been working on Anakin Starkiller Hero parts for an install of proffieboard 2.2. I'm a few weeks away from getting it done hopefully. It should be cleaner than my previous cut PVC pipe install!
I’m a firefighter/EMT, so nothing has really changed for me, except my wife is working from home and so are the kids (school work). Not much time for props. But over the weekend I replaced the valve assembly in the upstairs shower which had stopped working. And while I was at it I replaced the tub spout and shower head, too. Yay!
Last night, I took my TS hobbies blaster stands, cut about 2" off the front and just under 1" off the back so I can have my blasters sit flush on shelves and Detolfs.

Not bad after sanding and even though I could’ve been a bit more careful, I love them more now lol.

From this:

To this!
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