What’s Everyone Working on During C19 Quarantine?

Sadly, just ideas in my head at the moment.
I haven't quite convinced myself that a trip to the hardware stores out weights the risk of bringing home something other then nuts and bolt.
How about papercraft? Order a pack of cardstock and have it delivered to your home, download and install pepakura designer 4, and off you go(y) the sky is the limit to what you can make
I finally finished this one, today.

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I took a little artistic license and decided to build-up this “exposed innards” comm as an Eta Communicator. I’ll tackle the Epsilon Communicator as a separate build, sans “guts”.

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This one was built, like the original Eta, as a communicator with an antenna lid the rotates freely, without a stop.

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What are those multi colored things, juicy fruit gum?
I finally finished my wife's saber


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I got a 3d printer FINALLY, so naturally I'm doing a scratch-build Bad Batch helmet (and probably armour) without using the printer at all. Starting to think I may have issues that are nothing to do with quarantine.....
So far it's going badly, but better than my usual efforts....
I finally finished my wife's saber
Nice jade!
Got farther than I did. I made my wife a Mara jade hilt from parts at tcss and it turned out great! (Even hand drilled/tapped all rivets by hand!) Never got electronics installed and she was going to wear it on her belt at celebration... 7? Anaheim. Anyway our son woke up super sick that morning so she stayed home with him and I went with our daughter.
Saber was built pretty much for nothing and I ended up selling a fantastic empty. I dont even think I have any pics :(
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I just finished converting this Korbanth k4 fx to static as OWK first built, similar to the MR release. Added a ep 3 card under the bubble strip and used vintage op amps.


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In the last few months (either finished or WIP):
Fiefly Burgess laser (resin stunt)
Firefly Burgess laser (hero version with working mechanics and electronics)
John Wick 3 secret stash book
V Shocktrooper laser pistols and take-down rifles with working electronics)
Fifth Element 4-a-Day cigarette dispenser
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