What’s Everyone Working on During C19 Quarantine?


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California is mostly on lock down, as many states are....what’s everyone doing to pass the boredom? Hope everyone is staying safe and well!
Full lock down here in Argentina.
My day work's in a climbing gim, so I'm all day at working on a toy restoration and casting a couple of portraits I've sculpted.
Also using the spare time to learn Zbrush
Full lock down here in Argentina.
My day work's in a climbing gim, so I'm all day at working on a toy restoration and casting a couple of portraits I've sculpted.
Also using the spare time to learn Zbrush
* Working on my (ever lasting) BarBot project (automated drink maker)
* Recently started back on my Iron Man HUD project (finally got a decent helmet [metal] to work with, if not a little big)..

* Minor laser cutting and electronics project for other personal projects as well as for members here.
My wife and I are very fortunate that we can both work remotely. On top of that, we are home schooling the kids for at least another 3 weeks.

All that to say I think I have less free time now than before, but still trying to bang out some videos for my YT channel. Need to pick a new build project though...

I’m on a two week lockdown as I traveled back from the UK five days ago. I don’t have any real projects in mind, but the wife does. Here’s yesterday’s project. She’s happy with it.


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Most major cities here in Germany are already working on their limits with increasing numbers of infected patients but fortunately my clinic is still In standby mode. I’m working as a male operatio room nurse (is this the correct term?) and we‘re still preparing for the worse case scenario which is undoubtedly to come very soon.
In the last few days I was updated with ICR and ER standards to be versatile in all high risk units.

With all what’s already going on and what’s surely is still to come I don’t think there will be much time for projects.

Please have fun with all your projects and post pics of all your progress so that I can at least enjoy your builds.

There is a german social media campaign started by medical clinic personnel, like myself, which I really cannot support enough...


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Working from home but I did finally complete(for the most part), my Boba Debt ROTJ blaster. I finally broke down and bought a spare denix trigger to replace the one that went missing while I was deployed and finished it last week...

And here it is with my ESB Han blasters

Now to finally tackle an ANH....once I paint those screws on the scope mount...still undecided on the painted grip. Chances are I will because SA, but I really like ththe contrasting wood grips.
Thats beautiful @ Solos blaster! Thanks RoCKo for taking care of the rest of us.

I’m working on a couple custom Sabers; one is a fully custom build, and the other is a ”found parts” flash-cell based saber for the challenges on TCSS and FXSabers respectively.

Look forward to seeing what everyone else is doing.

- Steve
I started a mixture of work from home and Field work . Apple retail rep. I picked up the old LS6 to continue converting it to a V3 replicating the seam line is not as fun as I had thught
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