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RPF members,

WeÂ’d like to again thank you all for the patience youÂ’ve shown while weÂ’ve gotten this software change in place. We apologize again for the recent downtime, but this was a massive undertaking. WeÂ’ve been very excited about it for some timeÂ… itÂ’s great to finally be able to share this with you all.

Changing software on a forum like ours is always difficult. Our previous software was so outdated, there really was no choice among current software that did everything the same way we were used to. We realize it may take a little getting used to, but we feel the good greatly outweighs the time it will take us all to grow accustomed (and attached.) to this software as we were the other.

Import Technical Issue to be Aware of:

Posts which contain old BB code
- When editing or quoting a message that contains BBcode (ie: quote, bold or italics tags) and was posted prior to 03/05/05, you may find stray bits of HTML appear. This has to do with the way the new software handled those imported codes and WILL NOT affect new posts. The best thing to do if you see these is to simply erase the extraneous HTML and replace it with fresh BB code tags.

What is different?

UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS. We are pleased to announce that the domain www.replicapropforum.com is now active and automatically redirects to our board. This domain name was registered by the staff, with eleven dollars from the RPF paypal account, on behalf of the forum as a whole as a means of keeping the RPF URL consistent and easy to remember.

Members may bookmark the new address or the www.rpf.invisionzone.com address, as both will bring you here, but the new www.replicapropforum.com address should be considered your current and future gateway to the RPF.

No More HTML- We are sorry, but the new software is set up to accept BB code throughout and not HTML. Please check out the “My Controls- Your Control Panel” help file for more information. In there you will find a BB code equivalent to make clickable banners for your signatures. http://www.rpf.invisionzone.com/index.php?...p&CODE=01&HID=4

Do note, however, that HTML signatures which were created on the old software and imported to the new software will still display, but if you update or edit any part of your profile, the old style signature will no longer display and you will need to use BB code in place of the HTML.

WhereÂ’d my Avatar go? Avatars were unfortunately not able to be carried over during the software conversion. We have ensured that you will still be able to access your profile on the old forum for some time, (even though the forums are now read-only, you can still access your account) so that you may reference your old avatar information. You can now upload avatars directly from your own computer to the boardÂ’s server, or continue to use avatars hosted elsewhere. The proper size is 60x60 pixels.

Edits do not bump on this software New posts will continue to bring a thread to the top of a forum, but editing a thread will not.

Snap to post rather than forum Once making a post or reply, rather than being brought to the forum youÂ’ve posted in, you are brought to the post youÂ’ve just made.

Changing themes The theme (or “skin” as it’s called on the Invision software) selector is no longer in your profile, and is now much easier to access. On any forum page, simply scroll down and you’ll see a selector on the bottom left. Right now, there are five skins to choose from, but over the next few months we’ll take suggestions on new themes and eventually work to get some new choices for all. The Invision skins are far more involved than the old RPF themes, and take a bit of work to get going, so bear with us on that one.

Among the many new features on the new RPF:

Image Uploads. Members can now upload images directly to their posts, and each member has a total of 1 megabyte of space at their disposal. In your contol panel, under Options you’ll find a link to “Manage your Attachments.” Here you can monitor your usage and delete uploaded/attached images as necessary. Note: This feature is considered a benefit for established members, and is not available to Newbies. Also, it is for RPF USE ONLY.

Topic Description When making a new thread, you now have the option of adding a “topic description”. This is a subtitle of sorts and allows you to expand on your title.

A board-wide calendar, which will be used to announce board-related events (such as scheduled maintenance) and prop party dates and info.

A vastly expanded PM function, including a function to save ALL of your PM's to a single Excel file with a simple push of a button. Also options to save sent PM's, track PM's (to see if they've been read or not), forward PMs to another user and even a "buddy list" for your frequent contacts. Please note that because our old software did not use titles for PM's, all PM's were imported with the title, "no subject."

An expanded search function including a searchable member database and a dedicated search for the Help/FAQ section. Please read the help file on this topic for more information: http://www.rpf.invisionzone.com/index.php?...&CODE=01&HID=10

”Email Function” which, if selected in your profile, allows fellow RPF members to use the board's software to email you without seeing your email address.

BB Code Buttons When starting a new topic or making a reply, youÂ’ll notice some new buttons. These can help you quickly and easily create quote, bold, italics or image tags and change font, text size, text color, and more.

For those that still do their code manually, please note that there are a few small changes in BB code... read this file for a listing of current code:

FAST REPLY When reading a topic, click this button (found at the bottom of the thread) to open a basic reply box without having to load another page.

“Lo-Fi” - A great feature for mobile users which you’ll find at the bottom of the board. Clicking this option converts the board to a fast-loading text version.

WeÂ’ve started informative threads on many of these topics in the Technical Questions and Support Forum:

There you will find all of the information you need to take advantage of these new features as well as information about other differences between our old and current software.

You can also find information on these and other board features in the Help/FAQ section: (the Help section even has a dedicated search function.) http://www.rpf.invisionzone.com/index.php?act=Help

We will be doing our best to check in on the Technical Support forum on a regular basis while weÂ’re all getting used to these new features. Please, if you have ANY questions, feel free to post them in that forum and we will do our best to find answers for you.

Thank you,
The RPF Staff
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