Wearable Crysis Armor

Of course "Harnait" is "Harness" in English;) It's looking good for sure. You're very courageous to build it with carbon fiber (I would've gone the EVA foam route myself...) Not easy to shape and achieve a certain "look". Don't worry about your grammar; as a French speaking person also, I tend to make mistakes here and there. As long as we understand the gist of your message, everything will be fine(y)
Hi Joberg,

Glad to hear that you appreciate my work...
EVA foam is a great material, really easy to work with but it is far from being as realistic as I want my Armor to look like.
Carbon fiber is much harder to work with, a lot more expensive but the final result will be much more convincing.

Thanks for your support, I will do my best to give you guys the best of myself.


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