WARNING eBay seller cdydatzigs SCAM

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by jhusel, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. jhusel

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    I was surfing eBay for Trek props and came across this Boomerang Phaser. The seller is using a photo of my Master Replicas First Contact Phaser and selling it as a DS9 Boomerang phaser. The button was obviously photoshop'd as well as the LED bar


    Here is a comparison pic. My phaser is on top, his phaser is on bottom. It is identicle except for the 2 things he changed.


    I also did a layer overlay and it matches 100%

    Bidders beware.

  2. pyxl

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    Yeah, the left side of the trigger button is "soft" on the edge. He's not even that good of a photoshop recaster. :)
  3. Apollo

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    Thanks for the warning on that scumbag.
  4. WinstonWolf359

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    If you contact eBay, they're pretty good at pulling auctions that have photo or description text theft.

    It's happened to me a couple times, though I've never been badly photoshopped like that. What a jerk... :unsure
  5. jhusel

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    He has now changed the image. Odds are he is either a member here or someone here knows him. I only posted this picture here, and posted about his auction here and it is now changed.

    I would still be leery buying from someone who tries to sell something using a stolen image and Photoshop'ing it.

  6. Montagar

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    What I find amazing is that it probably took less time and effort to snap that picture than it did to photoshop the original image. :rolleyes
  7. JoMamma_Smurf

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    What a jackass.......
  8. Scapey

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    I was actually curious as to whether he'd own up or not, so I messaged him and asked if he had any shots of the actual item he was selling... I half expected a "That IS the item...11" reply. I got:

    I have updated the image of the auction to a digital photo of the actual prop. I live in a rural suburb of San Diego and do not have a digital camera myself, so I had to call a friend to borrow one this morning. Thank you for your inquiry though, and good luck :)
    Steve Cramsie
    Poway, CA
  9. jhusel

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    That is the same reply I got when I asked for a larger picture. I am going to reply and say, "So, if you don't have a camera, then that is NOT a picture of what you are selling?"

  10. propsculptor

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    Now that you know his name (Steve Cramsie from Poway, CA), maybe the RPF mods
    can find out if he is infact a member here and deal with him accordingly.


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