Wanting to Begin a Hobbit / LOTR Collection...


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My girlfriend and I don't have very many franchises that we both like; however, when I recently introduced her to LOTR she fell in love. In turn, I rekindled the flame (of Anor) for the trilogy, and want to collect a few props that I didn't buy way-back-when.

As it stands, I think our focus might be on Gandalf, the elves, and the Nazgul. I think we'll also be looking for Sting and a few smaller props as well...So are there any tips that might be helpful in procuring some prop replicas from The Hobbit and the LOTR films? I know there are knock-off versions of the swords and helmets, but I don't know what sites deal in what variety. We honestly are going for a "good-enough" focus, which doesn't require 100% screen accuracy, and it's constrained by a limited budget.

I've done some digging, and have showed her several things, but many items are simple too expensive. So I was wondering what sites offered the best deals, or what LOTR collectors might recommend.


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I always liked the "Elven brooch" which you can get on eBay very cheaply. Ten bucks, maybe under.


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check out the paper props forum theres lots in there to do wth the hobbit and lord of the rings


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packs of lamas bread are easily made and look pretty decent in a display. they have the one ring replicas on ebay pretty cheap too. Ive also seen people make longbottom leaf pipes like gandalf and bilbo smoke out of, they made them from clay. not to mention the ever popular "round door hobbit house cat sanctuary"


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Excellent suggestions, thank all very much!!! I checked the brooch out, and will probably pick up one of the sets that comes with the Evenstar necklace. I have the rubies one, but several of the plastic gems have fallen out. ><

As it stands right now, I think we are looking at the above set and a knock-off Sting. I would honestly really like to get either Gandalf's sword and staff, or perhaps an Elven high sword and the Rivendell elf helmet. I don't think we could afford both sets, so perhaps we will go with one focus or the other. Gandalf is my favorite character, but we both love the asthetics of the Elf stuff.

What One Ring did everyone go with? I've seen several (SEVERAL) versions on Ebay, and they're all relatively in-expensive. I saw a really nice brass replica which looks weathered, but it's out of stock.

Also, nothing shows up for "round door hobbit house cat sanctuary"...But it sounds awesome/hilarious.


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Just an update...So far we've purchased Gandalf's staff, Glamdring, and Hadhafang!

My girlfriend, for the first time ever, wants prop replicas of stuff, and she's super in love with all things elves. That will probably be our focus going forward (though I still want Nazgul blades, LOL). We're still going to pick up a few smaller things as well, but I'm pretty proud of what we've already collected. I figured we would get a replica of Sting as well; however I think we both want the smaller Hobbit sized UC version, and we can't spring for that just yet. We might have to settle for the larger actor scaled one.