the hobbit

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  1. N

    Erebor Dwarf Build

    With My Dwarf build V1 over, this is a thread to go over how i went about putting this together. Above all i started off with finding tons of Reference, Be it the Fantastic Chronicles books from WETA, browsing around online, or others on the RPF who had made there own threads. With it being...
  2. Ozymandias

    Royal Armoury of THRAIN

    I am a long time Dwarf fan, ever since I was a boy and first read the hobbit I fell in love with them. I'm looking to start a Thrain armour build and am under no illusions this will be a test. I also don't expect it to be a quick build but I want this to be as close to accurate as possible...
  3. P

    Replacement Display Box for Hobbit Coins

    I purchased The Hobbit replica Erebor coins about a year ago, as I'm trying to build up a collection of props from the series. It seemed like a good start, as the set of five coins was rather cheap when I bought them and as a collector on a tight budget, it was something I could hold on to. And...
  4. JJByers

    The Hobbit United Cutlery Resin Replicas - UC3106

    I was really hesitant on these. I've heard nothing but negative feedback online. I own alot of UC stuff, but nothing 100% resin until now, and for me, the negative feedback has held true. I was looking at buying Dain's WarHammer and War Helm, but at $249.99 and $349.99 I didn't wanna risk taking...
  5. Bojo Delta

    Éomer Cosplay

    Hey There Everyone Just want to let you know that I am going to be attempting an Éomer cosplay from the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. I have just over 10 months for this cosplay and it will be worn at the 2017 rAge Expo (Exhibition for games...
  6. samiamuc

    Dwalin's War Hamer Replica - The Hobbit

    Recently I got a hold of the The Hobbit AUJ Chronicles of Design book. I opened it and was amazed by all of the sketches of the dwarves' accoutrements. The dwarves are my favorite race so I thought "How awesome would it be to make all of these everyday items and use them in my everyday?" So I...
  7. samiamuc

    Food Safe Resin/Casting Material?

    I recently got the The Hobbit AUJ chronicles of design book. Looking through the sketches, I really like some of the designs, especially the designs for Thorin's cutlery. I want to make these for myself and I thought the best way would be to cast them. I'm sure that ordering them cast in...
  8. Jodo

    Wanting to Begin a Hobbit / LOTR Collection...

    My girlfriend and I don't have very many franchises that we both like; however, when I recently introduced her to LOTR she fell in love. In turn, I rekindled the flame (of Anor) for the trilogy, and want to collect a few props that I didn't buy way-back-when. As it stands, I think our focus...
  9. samiamuc

    The Hobbit Coin Props

    In the "The Hobbit" movies, multiple designs were used for the dwarven coins. Unfortunately, only 5 of these designs are available for purchase. I've caught glimpses of other designs, such as when, in the BOtFA EE, Alfred drops a coin onto the trigger plate of the trebuchet. My hope is to get...
  10. The Scrapyard K

    Mines of Moria Helmet

    Hi guys this is my first full post of a build, I have already posted it on my Facebook page but thats only available to friends. The build is based on the Mines of Moria helmet from The Hobbit movie "The Battle of the Five Armies". The Pepakura is featured on and...
  11. spgfx

    Tauriel Dagger with sheath - Elvish daggers from Hobbit- screen accurate build.

    I had a friend request a set of these daggers as screen accurate as possible made from resin so they could take them to a con. They have a really cool blade design and it would make a great build. This build would also include a custom designed fitted sheath since one did not exist. There are a...
  12. Mike J.

    Happy Birthday, Ian Holm!

    Perhaps most famous as the villainous Ash in Alien, but also well-regarded for Father Vito Cornelius in The Fifth Element and the older Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit / LOTR movies.
  13. J

    My Life-Size, 1:1 Scale, Statue Bust Prop Replica Collection...w/Pinball :)

    This is my first post (and I apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong place) but I've been watching these threads for a couple of years now. I've been building somewhat of a pop-culture museum and arcade set-up. I've been trying to integrate Movies, TV shows, and Video Games with...
  14. verdaera

    Tauriel Build (The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug) *PIC HEAVY*

    I know a lot of people don't like this character, but I love the design of her. Wood elves have always been my favorite and even though I know I'm not Elf Material, I love the look of this costume. I am making her green suede jacket version: I had a hard time figuring out how I would go about...
  15. 6644Invader

    The Hobbit: Thrór's Map build

    Hello everyone! I decided to start a thread of my most recent and best quality version of Thrór's Map I've created. For me, The Hobbit was the first book to get me into the fantasy world and is still my favorite book. My dad read it to me in First Grade and ever since, I've been hooked. I did...
  16. Longclaw

    Dain Ironfoot Helmet 2016

    Hi there guys, coming up to my final project in my Art and Design course now, and wanting to develop my skills as much as I can- in hope of one day getting a job as a prop maker. So I watched 'The Hobbit- The Battle of The Five Armies' the other day for the millionth time, and decided I...
  17. JJByers

    United Cutlery Sword of Fili - Pics and Review

    For starters hello everyone. This is my first post =D I've been collecting for awhile and recently decided to do a small YouTube channel which in turn led me to stumble onto the RPF while searching the web for new purchases. This particular post will focus on The United Cutlery's Sword of Fili...
  18. C

    The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings Props, Replicas, etc

    Hey everyone, I don't get to visit RPF that much anymore. However with a tumultuous amount of collectibles out there I do enjoy sharing and seeing what others have. For the time being other than this forum I've also created a "Collector's Group" page:
  19. Grimstone

    Goblin King Bust from The Hobbit

    My life size Goblin King as inspired by The Hobbit. Epoxy clay over foam, acrylic paint, synthetic and animal hair, handmade 65mm eyes.
  20. P

    The Hobbit - Dain Ironfoot Helmet

    I did a project on this helmet awhile back. Then recently picked up a 3d printer and thought it would be a good first full scale print to try out. Took way longer than I thought to get it prepped for printing but learned a lot from the process. Still sorting out what sanding and soothing...
  21. RedbirdXlll

    Fili's Swords from The Hobbit

    I just finished this commission by a very good friend of mine, and I decided I should outline the build here for anyone who would like to follow the process and see how I did it. This was one of my first big replica prop builds, and I learned a ton. Here are a few pics of the final piece, and...
  22. G

    Topographical Middle Earth map

    I'm not sure if this is the correct section to post this in as it isn't really a prop per se. However, I think since it is a map and those tend to be props it is the way to go. So for the last 3 days I have been modeling hot and heavy. I've managed to get together a fairly detailed topographical...
  23. FrontaLittle

    Dwarven Warrior of Erebor (Phase 1 complete) - The Hobbit

    Khazad Dum has do be taken back from those rotten orcs. The halls of Durin are ours. Baruk Khazad ! Khazad ai menu ! There already are a some pretty impressive builds of Moria Battle armor but I want to resemble the physique of an actual dwarf. I'm gonna build a fat suit similar to the ones...
  24. coregeek

    Tauriel Daggers from The Hobbit

    I recently completed a scratch build of Tauriel's Daggers from The Hobbit films. Thought I'd share the complete build process. This is a comprehensive build covering the prop master build, molding/casting, and final finishing. I have 50+ photos so I'll post in sections. I started with a piece...
  25. M

    Azog the defiler latex mask

    Hey guys,just wanted to show you guys this azog the defiler latex mask i did a few weeks ago. the ears will hopefully be placed soon.

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