Want to build an Obi Wan ANH FX saber


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Or more accurately, find the best parts for the job and have someone else put everything together.

Can you guys tell me which hollow hilt is best for building up an Obi Wan with electronics to take detachable blade and sound. I'm close to purchasing the MKIII from Parks, at the moment. Looks good and the price is right. Especially since it appears it will cost me additional $$$ to have electronics done.

Also, I've been doing a lot of research and would LOVE to be able to use a Makoto blade and sound in it, since the color is so great and it has the scrolling effect. But, I guess the blade isn't detachable. Although, I've read some threads that state the opposite.

Kurosawa has been a big help so far. But, looking for more advice on the subject. Please, help me figure out what to do, guys.
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