WannaWanga ANH Graflex Configuration


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Since the discovery of Elstree saber, the discovery of the 4 mystery rivets on the bottom of the ANH Graflex hero saber and the resulting confirmation that the promo images saber being the hero saber, I've been asked by several members to determine the accurate position of the grips, D-ring and rivets. By perspective matching a 3D saber model with various photos from various angles, I've been able the come up with a configuration of the grips which is reasonably accurate. Based on this, I will create a new WannaWanga blueprint for this saber, which requires urgent updating!

Here is the first result. I have given each T-track a separate color for easy detection: cyan, blue, magenta, yellow, maroon, red and green.
The front of the saber is in the promo pic configuration and is also slightly rotated from one pic to the next. I left out the D-ring itself, because it's rotated differently all the time.
I will soon post the updated blueprint here as well, together with a brand new grip guide for an accurate install (STL-file for 3D printing).

Please let me know what you think!

UPDATE (October 25):

I updated and finished the perspective matching for the grip positions and lengths. This is my final result. So accordingly, I also created the new blueprint for it.

And I designed a grip guide which I'm currently testing. It features:
  • 6 rivet hole positions (the 4 newly discovered rivets and 2 for my D-ring clip)
  • dimension of each T-track
  • reference indication for the clamp position
  • accurate placement of the T-tracks (even with the side rivets first installed)
I am also thinking of adding another ring for straight fixation of the grips. I'm not sure this is needed though. And I want to include an option for 30 degree cutting of the corners.
This guide will go in production and I will offer them on my website soon (with the usual free shipping worldwide!)

Thingiverse / STL download:



ANH Grip Guide.437.jpg

ANH Grip Guide.438.jpg

ANH Grip Guide.439.jpg


  • ANH Grip Guide with support ring.jpg
    ANH Grip Guide with support ring.jpg
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  • ANH Grip Guide without support ring.jpg
    ANH Grip Guide without support ring.jpg
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Just re-glued my ANH grips this past weekend.......I guess they are coming off again :confused:. Still haven't decided if the rivets are going on mine yet though....


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I think this is great, and I can't believe how close those two near the clamp are.

Oh, I see what you mean Roy, so yes its a work in progress but a damn good one.


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Thanks Roy! This will be very useful! I was actually quite surprised when I was putting on my D-ring holder that it lined up with the bubbles when the clamp is at 9 o'clock like your last picture....


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Cool, thanks for this! I'm not terribly concerned about the grip gaps, but this verifies I've got mine setup correctly.

Also, Roy, I sent you a PM a couple days ago, I hope it didn't disappear!


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Feeling a lot better about eyeballing my vintage ESB's grips now that I see what they did with the ANH hero. Yikes!

Great work figuring out the actual ANH configuration though

Drew Baker

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Thanks, Roy! Even your reference photo is a big help. I'm delighted about the guide!

I presume someone will be using the final file to offer printed grip guides for those of us who don’t have printers?

If he releases the .stl it's pretty much inevitable. I plan on printing one, but I don't expect to need it more than once or twice. I'll be happy to pass it along.


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Enormously helpful info, roygilsing, thank you so much! Yes, from what I'm seeing, the yellow, light pink and red grips don't seem to be quite perfectly aligned in relation to the reference photos, but other than that it looks great!

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