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  1. JayCVenlo

    Authentic Vintage Graflex 3-Cell Flash in great condition

    I have an Authentic Graflex 3 Cell Flash for sale. In great condition and complete. The are getting more rare by the week because camera collectors know where these are being used for other then Photography museums and arent keen on selling them anymore. What you see is what you get. Pictures...
  2. skoota73

    Anakin Starkiller Luke Skywalker ROTJ V2 Lightsaber

    Hi. I am selling my Anakin Starkiller Luke Skywalker ROTJ V2 lightsaber. This is his FX edition from 2018. Although, the hilt being sold here is static. This includes a vintage Graflex clamp and a Slothfurnace card. This also has the Trooper Trent stenciling. The emitter is taped down, as this...
  3. Iakona

    Graflex Clamp (Activation Matrix) Wrap?

    I am looking for a textured sticker roll or tape that is similar to the wrap that was used on Anakin/Luke's lightsaber in The Empire Strikes Back.: Now, the unauthorized Star Trek model kit, "23rd Century Pistol" came with a similar bubbly, textured sticker to simulate the grating on the...
  4. schrodinger555

    Upgraded Luke ANH Saber

    Hey everyone! So I've been working on this saber, or versions of it, on and off since I was 7. I got my first real graflex in high school and have been tinkering ever since, sometimes not touching it for a few years at a time, and a few years ago the NBV3 stopped working properly so it sat in...
  5. Thegraflexgenie

    Want to Buy Looking for a late folmer patent graflex

    Looking for a folmer patent graflex for my bespin build
  6. C

    Vintage Folmer Real Parts Luke ESB Lightsaber

    This vintage Folmer Graflex flashgun is in excellent overall condition. The beer tab was left intact just like the ESB Wampa stunt saber (buyer has the option to remove it). The t-tracks (secured with glue) and vintage Kobold clip (secured with rivets) are screen accurately aligned to the ESB...
  7. C

    Vintage Late Folmer Graflex Flashgun

    Vintage Late Folmer Graflex Flashgun now up for AUCTION. NO RESERVE PRICE. I will also include the vintage Heald clamp card pictured. More photos are available on request if needed. Thank you for your consideration. MTFBWY.
  8. schrodinger555

    Vintage Graflex Luke ANH Saber

    Hey guys! Up for grabs is a graflex I found in the wild a few weeks ago and converted using Roy's grips and D ring. The bubble strip is an old rebelscum. The flash is a graflex inc in worn condition which looks great as an ANH saber. I weathered the grips and D ring to better match the...
  9. IronDestinyProps

    Done Vintage Graflex Bunny Ear Rivet/Sleeve & Vintage Brass Pins

    Do any of you have a vintage Graflex bunny ear rivet and sleeve and or 4 brass pins? Folmer pins would be ideal, but Inc stepped pins would also work. Please hit me up if you have any of these. Much obliged!
  10. CHS3CELL

    Want to Buy ESB Vintage D-ring (For Vintage Kobold)

    Looking for a vintage d-ring for a vintage kobold clip. PM if you have one...I'd sure be grateful.
  11. IronDestinyProps

    Done WannaWanga TFA Kobold Clip

    Does anyone have a spare TFA WannaWanga Kobold clip available perhaps? If you do, hit me up!
  12. L

    Want to Buy Vintage Folmer Graflex new york no patent bottom tube

    Hey everyone what's up, I'm looking for a vintage early folmer new york bottom 3 cell with no patent. Love to get my hands on another and don't really mind the condition! Thanks Lex!
  13. IronDestinyProps

    Done FOUND: Otis Elevator PCB Board

    Hi everyone. I’m looking for a vintage Otis PCB board for Luke’s ESB lightsaber. If you have one, could you PM me? Thanks!!
  14. I

    ANH grip cutting help

    I am currently in the process of completing my ANH Graflex, but I am stuck on how to make the 30 degree cuts on each grip end. This is my first time getting into prop making so all advice and recommendations I surely appreciate! Grips being used are from WannaWanga. Thank you!
  15. roygilsing

    WannaWanga ANH Graflex configuration: RAF stamped sidebar

    Hi, Since the discovery of Elstree saber, the discovery of the 4 mystery rivets on the bottom of the ANH Graflex hero saber and the resulting confirmation that the promo images saber being the hero saber, I've been asked by several members to determine the accurate position of the grips, D-ring...
  16. Chase Butler

    Chase's Vintage ESB Luke Lightsaber Build

    After finally collecting all of the parts and doing the conversion, my ESB Luke lightsaber build is finally complete! This thing is absolutely gorgeous and just about as accurate as you could possibly get, right down to the correct cave scene stamping on the end! Almost ever part (except for...
  17. JCDenton0

    ESB Hoth Graflex - Roman Props with Prizm V5

    Hello everyone, Long time reader of this amazing forum but first time poster as I did not have much to contribute before. My turn to join the club of saber builders(ish). I had a few sabers in my collection for a while but I never tried to build one before. I thought this was the perfect...
  18. tmax

    Want to Buy Graflex Slide Switch & Red Button

    Looking for a side slide switch and red button for my V1 Parks ESB conversion. I have a glass eye to trade... Cheers, T.
  19. Chase Butler

    Want to Buy Graflex Clamp Screw

    Sadly mine busted while clamping my clamp back down after some cleaning. If anyone has a spare one it’d be greatly appreciated! :)
  20. sbeall

    First Lightsaber: The Holiday Special

    So, yeah, what have I done? I promised myself I wouldn't build this lightsaber. I would only build small arms from A New Hope, that would keep this new hobby in check. That didn't work out so well. While searching for vintage Graflex 3-cells (which I can't afford and shouldn't be looking at)...
  21. CHS3CELL

    Want to Buy Graflex Mid-Late Vintage Button

    Anyone want to trade my Early Folmer Graflex (No Patent #) button for a Mid-Late Vintage Button? Also open to purchase of a Mid0Late button if preferable? See pics of my early Folmer button. If so, please PM me.
  22. Joek3rr

    Graflex grip affixing, what's your favorite method?

    So I'm wanting to start tinkering with my Graflex. But the big question is have is how to do the grips? I'd love it if people would share their preferred method. Do you like to use glue or double sided tape? Do you eyeball it, use a paper guide, or 3D printed guide?
  23. tmax

    Look what I found!!! Graflex... New Pics

    So I'm on fb marketplace last week looking through the antique section and I come across a Quebec antique dealer selling a Graflex with the flash intact! I couldn't believe my eyes. But the listing was posted "Over a week ago" so surely it was long gone. Apparently not! I bought it of course and...
  24. luxsabers

    Alienflex - Graflex with Giger inspired chassis

    Hello, some pictures of a lightsaber I installed some month ago. It's a re-plated graflex replica with a Giger inspired chassis.
  25. mugatu

    Want to Buy Real Found Part GRAFLEX CLAMP

    Hello. I am looking for an original genuine Graflex Clamp in good to excellent shape. Please let me know what you have and your price shipped within the US. Thank you. Pics will be handy too. OH! Also looking for a real original red button as well.

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