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W.I.P. thread for "Infinitus"; a short scifi drama featuring practical FX.


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Hello all!

My name is Cameron, and I am the Director of an upcoming short science fiction film "Infinitus".

I am making this film in an attempt to get some time in with miniatures and practical FX. I want to create something unique and captivating, while retaining my dark and somewhat gothic story style.

The synopsis: Science has failed, and an operation to repair a dying sun has resulted in a strange anomaly. With the light from the sun gone, humanity now lives deep underground near the core, attempting to research and reverse the damage before the world freezes completely. (Getting some "Sunshine" vibes? Good, that was an inspiration to this film.)

The script is completed, the shot locations scouted. We have completed the costume, and practiced using MACRO paint filming techniques. The ship is in the works, and the shooting schedule starts the 20th of this month. All super exciting stuff. We will be using a miniature spaceship model, and paint to create cosmic backdrops and reactions.

I will use this thread as a journal of sorts, to lay out and share our journey while creating this amazing short film.

The film can be tracked and followed on its website here:

Thank you for all of your time and attention. We look forward to sharing our work and fun for all to see in the coming months!!!


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