Q: Replacement parts for a ST VI hero phaser?


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Hi - long time lurker, first time poster (finally joined this informative site).

I purchased a hero working prop assault phaser from ST VI, which has a distinctive, red-cast resin chip engraved with “NCC-1701 Enterprise 647” in the bottom of the magazine-style lower grip. The metal muzzle is missing exposing the LED element, and I’d like to find a suitable replacement and have it repaired for display.

Richard Coyle worked on the prop and informed me that the body was made by Greg Jein’s shop (with the grip, magazine, and lower part of the body is from a Berreta M93 replica toy gun). Coyle provided the trigger switch, tip light and square LED in the back, and Ed Mirecki created various metallic parts including the muzzle, rear fins and knob on the side.

Is there a recommended source for providing and installing a replica muzzle? TIA

ST VI hero phaser 01.jpg
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