science fiction

  1. DracoAdamantus

    Megathread: City, Region, and World Maps from Fiction

    Some time ago there was a shop I followed on Esty that sold digital files of all kinds of maps from fiction, primarily fantasy. There were world maps of places like Thra, Oz, Westeros, Hyrule, Middle Earth, Arrakis, Ravka, etc. Regional maps of places like the Shire, Gondor, the Swordcoast, and...
  2. DB537

    'When Worlds Collide' (1951) Original Movie Prop Newspaper

    WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE (1951) ORIGINAL MOVIE PROP NEWSPAPER If the listing is active at the eBay link listed below, it IS still available, even if it is marked as 'SOLD' here. >>><<< Original production-made 4-page broadsheet newspaper, custom made for the...
  3. onebaldman

    W.I.P. thread for "Infinitus"; a short scifi drama featuring practical FX.

    Hello all! My name is Cameron, and I am the Director of an upcoming short science fiction film "Infinitus". I am making this film in an attempt to get some time in with miniatures and practical FX. I want to create something unique and captivating, while retaining my dark and somewhat gothic...