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Gordon Gekko

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This is a long overdue project that probably started 10 years ago with a simple sketch on a paper. I have literally been working off and on in fits on this project for that long. Several false starts, wrong moves, one shop fire and countless hours staring at blurry Japanese text I am finally close to one of my few remaining "Holy Grail" props.

I have built this from the ground up, using every screencap I could find, in addition to the tiny blurry images I have found of the "Vid-Phon Report". It is intended to represent the "Hero" version Deckard uses at Taffy's to drunk call Rachel. Ironically probably the one Vid-Phon with the least amount of available info. The left side of the Phon is seen quite well, but we never see any other aspect of the phone, and I have never found any external references for it. I have therefore taken some liberties with the "unseen" areas. But I think they are well founded liberties. While all the known Phon's are quite different in appearance, I did notice that the same damage patterns appear over and over, just in different locations on different Phon's. So I took known damage from the right side of a known Phon, and used it on the "Hero". This version also has a camera/mic combo behind the glass and raised number buttons.

Enough blabbering and on to the photos. (Clickie for Biggie!!)

Foam Master cut on the CNC.
VP02.jpg VP03.jpg
Cleaning it up.

VP05.jpg VP07.jpg

VP08.jpg VP06.jpg
Applying damage.

Checking the fit of the Camera/Mic 3d print.

Beginning the paint process.

VP11.jpg VP12.jpg
Paint getting closer and beginning to test stickers and graffiti.

At this point I just need to finish perfecting the paint job/stickers/graffiti on the body. Then the face plate needs to be put in place along with the 3d printed camera/mic, keyboard and cutout for the monitor area. The entire face will then be backlit with Leds.

Thanks for looking.



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did you know that the prop store of london had the hero version on display at SDCC this year?

heres a vid of a interview that norm from tested did with one of the owners about what they have on display. they talk about the vid phon at the 5.40 mark.


some pics i found online

San-Diego-Comic-Con-2015-Exhibit-Photography-PropStore-London-Los-Angeles-05.jpg San-Diego-Comic-Con-2015-Exhibit-Photography-PropStore-London-Los-Angeles-07.jpg San-Diego-Comic-Con-2015-Exhibit-Photography-PropStore-London-Los-Angeles-11.jpg San-Diego-Comic-Con-2015-Exhibit-Photography-PropStore-London-Los-Angeles-37.jpg San-Diego-Comic-Con-2015-Exhibit-Photography-PropStore-London-Los-Angeles-39.jpg San-Diego-Comic-Con-2015-Exhibit-Photography-PropStore-London-Los-Angeles-38.jpg San-Diego-Comic-Con-2015-Exhibit-Photography-PropStore-London-Los-Angeles-41.jpg San-Diego-Comic-Con-2015-Exhibit-Photography-PropStore-London-Los-Angeles-40.jpg San-Diego-Comic-Con-2015-Exhibit-Photography-PropStore-London-Los-Angeles-42.jpg San-Diego-Comic-Con-2015-Exhibit-Photography-PropStore-London-Los-Angeles-43.jpg San-Diego-Comic-Con-2015-Exhibit-Photography-PropStore-London-Los-Angeles-44.jpg

Gordon Gekko

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You know, I always had this feeling that as soon as I was getting close to finishing this prop someone would pop up and say "Oh hey, here's some great reference of the original hero VP." I have literally searched for more info on this for years, and now it comes out within days.

Just looking at those pics.... back to the drawing board!!!


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That is an amazing collection of photos on this prop, i've always loved this design.

Details aside, your work looks great Gordon.

Gordon Gekko

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I've had those images of the Vid Phon Report for years as well. Very helpful to be sure, but they were not of the hero.

Thanks for the kind words Grey.
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