Making a faux e-ink display?


New Member
I’m planning on doing a build of the clamshell e-reader/phone from it follows, I wanted to see if anyone had any insight on how to make a realistic looking e-ink screen like you’d see on a Kindle. I was considering just printing it on paper and covering it was a bit of clear plastic, but I don’t want it to be too shiny. Any advice is helpful, thanks!
Man, when I was in high school my best friend's dad had cases of this stuff from a failed business idea that would be perfect. His idea was to make your own mousepads, so it was these sheets of sturdy plastic that had an adhesive back and a matte finish. I wonder if they still make something like that...
You can get "transparency" sheets or film for both laser and ink jet printers which you can print on. You could then experiment with prints to reduce their "gloss". Mechanical abrasion and some cleaning chemicals will cloud or matt the plastic. Look for cleaners which specifically warn AGAINST using on plastic or screens.

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